Svetlana Loboda every clip, the “most controversial”. Pop star and bombshell honed to filigree craftsmanship reception is strong and provocative stuff. Plus properly shaken in the cocktail party Schlager suspension ingredients – bits, magnifying glasses, hooks to annoying melodicas – and voila: the Internet exploded. A similar fate will not escape, apparently, and the latest revelation from the Superstars – Boom Boom, thrown into the air on the last day of July.

“wild and unexpected, to sweep away the grotesque and the TEC-DC, feminist Manifesto and music horor”, – scares the press release of the singer.

Teks song at first glance, straightforward: that they all want boom-boom… the Icing on the cake the next pop sensation planted fashionable rapper Pharaoh, the collaboration with whom is officially designated in raportichke. He has his own party: recitative about how he broke someone’s bed.

However, after the show, you know that cute cock there, what eyes to powercity and hearing to please. Of course, to imagine instead, this sticky erotic entourage or Basta Timati, already grown old in the rap, it would not be ice, but any other nasal twitch mod, which are a dime a dozen, easily. Rap, he is rap. There who take any. So “faraonica” wildly lucky to be in the halls of the Loboda.

But all the other “collaborate”, in official raportichke not listed, but still separately titrated in the video (since each of them are, anyway, self-star) has created a very colorful “women’s battalion”, against which, in principle, and the Quinoa was already no strain. Although, of course, “strained” and graced the video – in the end it’s her video, not Ksenia Sobchak or Lolita.

Sobchak taped a broken nose and a broken leg – reflection for the topic of the day with a mark of 12 points according to the classification of “Eurovision”. And her hairstyle in the form of a bare female breast is the best, perhaps, is the discovery of comedian Alexander Gudkov, whose fevered imagination of the creative producer has generated and all the other images of the performance, which received the praise, even from Hieronymus Bosch.

Celebrities and star blogersha – Ekaterina Varnava, IDA Galic, Barbara shmykova, Maria Monogarova, Seva Dina, Karina, Cross, Plague Party and others – a motley kaleidoscope of images flashed one after the other in fanciful poses and costumes, falling somewhere in the netherworld every time men of the jury, seated at a round table, always zabrakovanie “contestants” by pressing the red button.

In the final of the women’s jury, headed by Loboda zabrakovanie in retaliation the sebaceous peasants some disgusting chubby bespectacled, obscene vytantsovyvaetsya in family truselyah, and sends him back to hell press the notorious red button��.

In the end, all that remained – no sex, but very pleased with himself.

the Action is preceded by an allusion to the symbol of the famous Parisian erotic cabaret Crazy Horse – expressive pomaded bright red female mouth on a black background. These lips come to life and languidly recite in French a lengthy quote about “the female element in all things” from his treatise “the Second sex”, Simone de Beauvoir, the iconic French feminists of the twentieth century.

In fact, in General, was that it was not frivolous “philosophy boom-boom”, which the highbrow critic ridiculed diskussjoni any Boney M. In your Boom Boom, performed, as always, fascinating and even someone frightening, and even disturbing frankness,

Loboda, in addition to provocative shapes and a momentary reflection on a broken in the monastery sobaci nose, invested therefore, and profound generalization, statements, allusions and direct references to topical subjects of the gender war for equality, sexism, stiffness, Puritanism, backwardness of thinking. Some observers had regarded Boom Boom as even speaking out against the persecution of the artist Yulia Tsvetkova, accused for his drawings of the vagina in “pornography and gay propaganda”.

However, neither the So nor the press office this interpretation has not commented on – they say that everyone appreciates in their own way. But Lolita in this sense was, as always, more relaxed and talkative. A woman without complexes explained “MK”, as the spirit – Yes, it was a protest. Updated and undergone an impressive renovation after the divorce, Lolita chic, though annoyingly fleeting, appeared in the video, clad in red and black latex, but that and being saved from falling to hell hole.

I was happy to participate in this work – admitted Lolita in conversation with “MK” – Huge respect to Sasha Gudkov, who came up with every onion, every way. He called a large number of bloggers. With some I met on the site. And an important detail that each costume paid Light. She cares, she didn’t want to make someone look worse than she is.

Tighten you in latex from such a thing will not even come…

Yeah, I can say that I made a great discovery. Like, what’s wrong with that: we’ve seen Catwoman in latex, strippers. I realize now that was worth Halle berry, who played Catwoman to be in a latex suit.

first, it made specially for your size. You can not take hangers, for example, the size of M and try to get into it. He doesn’t sit down. It needs to cover every inch of your body and can be tailored according to his pattern.

But the cool thing that it is impossible to wear just. Body fertilize a huge ��a quantity of talc. On my left, probably one and a half kilos. Handled every inch of the body, and you become similar to a big dumpling.

Standing all powdered, like flour, and then you put the latex. He starts to sit on you, take your forms, folds. But if it be more than an hour, there is a feeling that you went in the toilet. Start to sweat. Even the light from spotlights. Water back flows into the panties, and then begins to flow down the legs. A good way to, firms up, by the way.

By the end of the shooting I was swimming shoes, because water from the entire body of glass in the shoes she was absolutely wet, it had to be just to squeeze when I tactfully handed her back the costume after the shoot. Don’t even know how many liters I was gone for those two hours that went into each character.

See how you kayfuesh from the form which resulted, after many years of family darkness. Oh, that is marriage…

– Yes, it is a happy family of darkness… I really get a buzz, but more of the shape, and from the States and sensations and also by the fact that I so actively engages youth. Sucks at my age, if you take pity, or out on the role of the grandmother-of Snow white. To me it does not work.

– Really, you’re literally selling like hot cakes – pop-star level Anita Tsoy and Loboda, to fashion bloggers…

– In a good way went hands, creative hands. And I with these hands don’t jump. Over the past year with joy, I walked probably the most popular shows YouTube’s. Now received three proposals and they are all different. One of them is connected with the documentary. Another is to play the main role in the play by Yury Grymov “the Suitors” based on the works of eminent playwrights of our time Chekhov and Gogol.

– a Very topical playwrights, and every day more and more urgent…

– They never were out of date. Just every time new meanings are opened depending on the needs and status of both man and the society in which this person lives. Another project involved with scientific knowledge, with the conduct of a specialized program. I’ve never done it, but I will try this.

– Not traced, only the main role – a brilliant actress-singer…

– We are now all on pause, on which we have put this pandemic. Mean those who are engaged in the vocal genre. Performance from time to time on some small party is not a refinement of what you were doing. To the microphone now approach becomes more scary and on the other hand – amazing. I decided: why should I easy? I have to do something.

– a Talented person is talented in everything, the conviction of another prominent researcher, withtemporality Feuchtwanger…

– Well, don’t know, you said…

latex in Addition to exciting collaborations you strongly hooked people and their own song “Oxygen”. Many simply jumped from “You’re not breathing, heart not going, to save, to discharge a 5000 volt” – on the background of these horror stories about ALV…

Perhaps it is a feature of any work if it’s written multi-layered, even if the author did not mean it.

And the author had in mind? It was not speculation on a hot topic such an intricate metaphor?

– not at all! This song is about the artificiality of the feelings of artificial love, artificial and all – without oxygen. And in this manner made the clip.

But he’s really scared of the audience, many of the comments betrayed a fear. They at first plan just went. And in the clip is, for example, the boxes with the names of my songs that make up my life, what I’m made of. There are mixed up dates, it is the past, and then Lolita came new because lolita needs oxygen, like all.

But, of course, from what happened a pandemic, the song became deeper. The word “oxygen” has acquired a very different meaning. Although the song was purchased for six months before everything happened. All this time he was working.

First, arranged, then recorded, then two months she was three months done video. This horror that happened to all of us, with this revaluation of the word “oxygen” was not yet in sight. It was just a coincidence. As I took in the past year, the concert in the field with no spectators, for some cows that were grazing there. Now one of the channels promised to show. Again, it turned out that I sort of predicted: stage in the field, the distance between musicians around, some cows and far away rare passing villagers. Things like this happen. But that’s the beauty of creativity – in the second plans. First to die very quickly, namely, in the second, third plans one begins to look for something different, the brain begin to work.

Surprising that “Oxygen” is still not our and third plan – a sort of political attack: in the country-to breathe is also not much as of now. So wait. Here in “Boom-Boom” Loboda for external callers sex shocking once I read a song of protest…

– I appreciate all the interpretations, but for me the main one in which people found the protest against the detention of a girl who drew a vagina and which is accused of “distributing pornography”. Absolutely revolutionary-minded people may take this video as a statement in its support. I think each of us who participated in this work, also had that in mind. Form, of course, ironic, but it is support. On the other hand, there is much that is latent, we are talking about feminism, and about his “return” and the sexism and the violence, everything.

Here and accuse you all in the promotion of pornography…

In my 56 years ever since. Because of prostitution in this age there is definitely not to blame.

– Fans, you know, different…

– Well, until I met a old women.

– Now that really will not meet in such sumptuous form. With a bad marriage all gone.