The her former lawyer, Joseph Murta announced on Wednesday. Information on the cause of death, he did not. Tripp had suffered from pancreatic cancer.

Tripp had worked together in the nineties in the Pentagon with Monica Lewinsky. The previous Intern in the White house told Tripp confidential of her affair with Clinton. Tripp then began in on her phone conversations with Lewinsky secretly recorded, and handed the tapes to the special Prosecutor, Kenneth Starr. She told Starr of the infamous blue dress Lewinskys with the semen stains of the President.

No impeachment

Tripp justified its disclosure, among other things, that Clinton will have needs the Intern “emotional abuse”. In the year 2018, it defended its actions in an Internet broadcast. The behavior of Clinton was “unacceptable to the leader of the free world”.

The revelations about Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky had plunged his presidency into a serious crisis. In 1998, it came to impeachment because Clinton had tried the relationship to disguise. The charges were perjury and obstruction of justice. The impeachment failed in the Senate.

Tripp-selling German products

Tripp first ride from the government a compensation of more than half a Million dollars, because information from your personnel file to the media had been punched out. She later married a German and opened with him in the US state of Virginia, a business with German products.

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