Former US President bill Clinton accused of affair with assistant merchant of sex slaves Jeffrey Epstein and the British socialite Ghislain Maxwell. This is stated in the recently published book Convenient Death: The Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Epstein (the Timely death: the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein), which refers to the newspaper the New York Post.

In the book it says that Clinton and socialite Maxwell had an intimate relationship while traveling on a personal Boeing 727 Epstein, he also regularly visited her home in Manhattan. According to a source, the former American leader spoke with a sex dealer, only to constantly be there with his assistant.

“Clinton used him like all the others,” said the source.

A couple is often seen at social events and in restaurants. British socialite even became the face of Clinton Foundation, at one of the events which the woman and handed the documents where she was accused of complicity in the crimes of Epstein.

Earlier it was reported that bill Clinton did not notice the time on the “pedophile island” where he rested together with a sex trafficker. Despite the fact that Epstein traded including underage girls, there is no evidence for the involvement of Clinton orgies with them. The former head of the White house denies it.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested July 6, 2019 new York. He was accused of creating a criminal network that allowed him to sexually exploit and victimize dozens of girls, some of which was 14. It is proved that their crimes millionaire was made in 2002-2005, however, according to some, he continued to trade people until 2019.