the Annual classical music concert dedicated to the Day St. Petersburg, this time was not at the Palace square, as usual, but in an online format. His audience amounted to more than a million people.

Stream of videoconcert birthday of St. Petersburg “Classics in honor of the Palace” took place on may 27 on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, as well as in social networks.

One of the key principles of the “Classics” – accessibility: in the city Day everyone can come to the Palace square to hear the best voice on the planet. However, you need to come to St. Petersburg, say the organizers of the project. In the same year the star online the concert you could see from anywhere in the world.

Even remotely “Classic” has retained its signature features of live sound, the star structure of participants, the multimedia scenery, architectural set design, lighting effects and even recognizable luxury chandelier. From crowd scenes with participation of ballet, orchestra and choir Director Ekaterina Galanova decided to give up. But this put new challenges. On stage almost all the time only the soloists and the concertmaster, and so there is no chance to hide the roughness of the vocals no orchestra, no ballet. Artists that record for about two months, was denied a permanent stage practice, of course, showed high professionalism. While shooting the “Classics” took place in an empty room (i.e. without a live impact), but expected an audience of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

– Separate bow deserves pianist Yana Zubova, a leading concertmaster of the Mariinsky theatre. All day she almost never left the place of the tool, – noted the organizers of the project. Thanks to her fine musical instinct and vast experience of the accompaniment of a piano the whole evening constituted the orchestra without loss of meaning, and sometimes with finding new ones.

Concert in honor of the birthday of St. Petersburg was not only bright and inspiring, but also unusually emotional. New focus, to turn a concert of classical art in music education program, was a virtual tour of significant places of the Northern capital.

the program included video greetings from Alice Freundlich, Michael Piotrowski, Lev Dodin, Lev Lurie, Nikolay Valuev and other prominent citizens of St. Petersburg.

the recording of the concert “Classics in honor of the Palace” posted on the Internet in free access.

Oksana Voykov St. Petersburg pensioner:

Every year we with the husband come to the Palace square to live to see and hear the Opera stars. Weather in St. Petersburg is not always spoiled, but what the wind and rain compared to the opportunity to hear the very Anna Netrebko! Or one of the last performances of Dmitri Hvorostovsky… this year with ��ogodei lucky, but the coronavirus messed up. We’ve been through. It has appeared, absolutely in vain! Watched the entire concert at home, but with us – our friends and relatives from different cities and countries: co-worker’s husband is from Siberia, an old friend of mine from Israel, the family of sisters from Kazakhstan… Fortunately, for the online broadcast has no boundaries. Amazing! As if we warm the big companies went to the amazing richness of the show. And, you know, sitting in front of screens, we applauded. Sure, the artists could not feel our admiration and gratitude.