the Second series of free webinars in the framework of the career guidance festival “Guide to career choices” will be held on July 11. Listeners live introduces unusual and in-demand professions that you can study after finishing school. To participate invite the pupils of 8-11 grades and their parents. The festival is organized by the center for career development innovative-educational complex “tehnograd” at ENEA.

First online festival of “Guide to career choices” was held at the end of June. Then the trainees were told, for example, 3D modeling, reverse engineering and the professions associated with the design and development of virtual reality.

the Broadcast will take place from 11:00 to 17:00 on the website of the center for career development innovative-educational complex “tehnograd”. To participate you must pre-register.

the First webinar focuses on specialties in the field of environmental protection. This urbanist-ecologist, architect, restoration of ecosystems, recycling technician, coproducer, the energy auditor, city farmer. People who have mastered such professions can control the level of air pollution, to design green cities and also to develop technologies of non-waste production, or create new materials from industrial waste. The webinar will hold acetrader and ecologist Roman Sablin. The live broadcast will begin at 11:00.

how effective methods of product promotion can turn a small business into a huge Corporation, will talk on the webinar. It will hold a business consultant Nikita Antipin at 12:00.

to Ask questions of a practising 3D designer Alexander Avanesov, the teacher in the children’s Technopark “On Zorge”, it will be possible during the broadcast of the lectures which will be held at 14:00.

15:00 teacher children’s Park “Mosgormash” Philip Wrobel will acquaint students with a new and promising branch of science — and also about what is design thinking and how it helps to find creative solutions. To join the broadcast in 16:00.

Learn the complete program and festival schedule “Guide for choosing a career” on the website of “Technograd”.

Innovative-educational complex “tehnograd” — a unique educational platform at ENEA, which offers a new format of vocational guidance, training and educational activities. Here are the programs dedicated more than 40 of the most demanded in the labour market, occupations and professions of the future. In “Tekhnograd” regularly conduct thematic tours, workshops and other events.

the career development Centre — one of the areas of “Tekhnograd” activity. Its experts assist in the identification of aptitudes to careers and career planning. The project is supervised by the Department of statistics��NT of entrepreneurship and Moscow innovation development.