E-visa is introduced for a short stay of foreign citizens in Russia tourist, business, guest, and humanitarian purposes. She will be an independent category along with diplomatic, service, ordinary, transit visa and visa of temporarily living in the Russian Federation persons.

Registration will take not more than 60 calendar days from the permitted duration of stay in Russia for up to 16 days.

a List of countries the citizens of which will affect innovation, and establish a government.

– a single electronic visa will be valid for entry into the Russian Federation using any of the well-equipped checkpoints across the state border, – said the Deputy head of the MFA of Russia Yevgeny Ivanov.

it is Expected that the right of entry e-visa will be provided to citizens 53 foreign countries. In addition, for citizens of 60 countries in the Russian Federation a visa-free regime. Thus, from January 2021 the most liberal regime of entry to Russia with no visa on paper, will be distributed on 113 foreign countries. “The total population of these States amounts to almost 4 billion people,” – said Ivanov.

For making a new visa is intended to introduce the visa fee in the amount of up to $ 50, also said the representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs.