According to the posted Deadline, a huge Broadway theaters, worked uninterrupted in times of national crises, terrorist attacks and wars, can now delay the opening until 2021. Generally, theatres, concert halls and other amusement centers in the U.S. belong to one and the same – 4-th, the last phase of opening to the public. So if the sources of the portal not mistaken, and cinema have to suffer the same fate. Although it is officially announced that the first theatrical releases of Hollywood blockbusters “Violent” derrick Borte with Russell Crowe and “Argument” by Christopher Nolan with Robert Pattinson must pass, respectively, 1 and 17 July – however, with a significant reduction of places in the halls. There are influential lobbyists, who are for that cinema in General was transferred to the 3rd opening phase, where cafes and restaurants: they can reduce the number of seats, unlike the Broadway theaters with their two-thousand rooms, for whom to lose two-thirds of the audience – means to burn.

While in America are only open drive-in cinemas, allowing to watch films on a huge Parking lot without leaving your car. “The machine is watching a movie” – ironically on such exotic Soviet press, so that these institutions allow the current environment to support kinoing afloat. Although it is clear that for such a large inaccessible cinemas newest releases, they show the films “second tier” and the classics. And when they are joined by the cinema closed type – is just to say nobody can.

Hotly debated and how quickly they can get back in the movie, frightened by the epidemic public. Most observers agree that many viewers for quite a long time will be afraid to risk staying diligent consumers of the stream platforms. But the longing for a “popular” perception, too, will make themselves felt. The same Christopher Nolan in an article for the newspaper “Washington post” recalls that in cinema we do not come to chew the popcorn, and not even just for the sake of the name. “We go to the cinema together,” says the Creator of “Interstellar” – the movie that made huge halls to live one nerve and one breath.