Bailey is also one-half the music duo Chloex Halle, which she founded with her sister Halle. Chloe Bailey’s solo debut was made with “Have Mercy” in this year’s music video.

Some social media users criticised Bailey’s mature appearance after the release of the song’s music videos and her performance at MTV’s 2021 Video Music Award.

Taraji P. Henson, her “Peace of Mind” co-host Tracie jade, asked Bailey, 23 about the harsh comments she had received. They spoke about examples such as “I want the old Chloe lol” and another that compared Bailey to an adult film star.

Bailey explained that she was responding to the messages by sharing photos of her curves that she liked.

She said that being curvy as an infant was her “biggest insecurity.”

“I can still remember the first time that I got stretch marks. She recalled that she was 12 years old at the field trip, and they were hiking. “I was like, “What is it?” I still have all of them on my thighs.

She leaned forward and pointed at her legs, saying, “But as you get older, I have come to appreciate my curves.” I love my stretch marks.”

The “Grownish” star asks that editors not airbrush her stretch marks in photo shoots.

Henson later asked if Bailey was really hurt by a particular comment during the sit-down.

She said that she believed there were a group of them. “I can’t lie to say that I’m bulletproof and nothing hurt me. It really did.” “And what really hurt me was seeing posts saying that I do this to attract male attention or to sell sex for my own attention.

Chloe in her music video “Have Mercy”. YouTube

She shared how the messages made her feel initially. She then asked, “Why would I allow that to control my thoughts, feelings, and emotions when I know it’s false?”

Bailey chose to give no power to the negative.

“I am not crazy. I am just learning to love and appreciate my body and myself. She shared that she didn’t see any problem with this.

Although she is confident now posting photos of her body on social networks, the musician admitted that she still experiences self-doubt as well as feeling “less than”

She was shocked by the criticism and thought, “What is wrong?’ This is totally me. I’m being authentic.”

She said that her religion had helped her overcome cruel opinions.

She said, “I am very spiritual. I pray and close my eyes. And I’m like… I’m pretty proud of me.” “I didn’t mind at all after that. “But I do have to do some soul searching from time to time.”

Bailey isn’t the only one who has had to defend herself as an adult. She was backlash after she took part in the TikTok viral “Buss It Challenge”.

After being criticized for her dancing, she posted the video to Instagram and wept at the harsh criticisms.

According to Billboard, she stated that it was difficult for her to see herself as a sexual being. “I don’t get it, because I have never seen myself that way or in this light. It’s a compliment to you that you consider me a sexual, sexy person.