The Chinese lunar mission was launched on November 24, the probe “Chang’e-5” should land on the Earth satellite to collect soil and return to the planet. This is the first in the last 44 years the device which will return samples of lunar rocks.

On 30 November, the landing module of Chinese probe successfully separated from the orbital unit, according to RIA Novosti. When selecting a suitable LZ, the unit will start to make the maneuver for landing on the moon’s surface. At this time, the orbital module from the return unit will continue flying in orbit at an altitude of 200 km, to later dock with the probe.

The moon landing is scheduled for 2 December. The unit will immediately begin to conduct drilling operations for extraction of soil. Scientists hope to collect 2 kg of lunar rocks. Send “Chang’e-5” and obtaining samples of soil – part of a large-scale program, the Chinese national space administration in preparation for the construction of a research base on the moon.

As previously wrote “Profile”, “Chang’e-5” will have to collect 2 kg of samples on a lava plain known as the sea of Storms. It is located on the Western side of the visible side of the moon. Early American and Soviet expedition this area is not visited. Chinese machine will help to answer the question, when the moon ceased volcanic activity and the magnetic field disappeared.