China has reduced the number of patients with coronavirus

The number of people with caused by a new coronavirus disease in medical institutions mainland China in recent days has decreased by 77 to 723 people, no deaths were recorded. This was announced Monday by the State Committee for hygiene and health of China.

According to him, over the past day in the country identified, only three new cases of infection, two of them import. For the entire period of the spread of the virus in China was 1 636 cases who came from abroad, of which 1 009 already recovered. Due to the complex epidemiological situation in the world April 21, Chinese foreign Ministry has warned citizens against any foreign trips.

According to statistics, in China recovered 93.5 per cent of people infected, including 80 over the last day. The number of cases from December 2019 exceeds 82.8 thousand, the official death rate from pneumonia – 5,59% (died more than 4.6 thousand people). Deaths in the country is not observed for many days.

The Chinese economy is steadily recovering from recession in I quarter caused by the epidemic, in cities significantly increased the flow of passengers in public transport. More and more restaurants and cafes open for visitors. However, in order to ensure overall security is still there are special rules governing behaviour in public places. National statistics take into account the carriers of the virus without symptoms and without associated disease – currently there are in China, there are 974, including 25 cases reported over the past day.

Among the regions of mainland China remains the only one where there are a large number of cases – is bordering Russia, Heilongjiang province (367 infected). On the territory of 15 of the 31 administrative units, including Tibet, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region and Hainan island, as well as the former main source of pandemic Hubei, sick absent. In other provinces, municipalities and Autonomous regions the number of cases ranges from one to approximately 70 people.

According to the latest data, under the supervision of physicians in China are more than 8.4 thousand people who had close contact with infected people. The country also has 10 people with suspected coronavirus quarantined. According to doctors, 52 contracted the disease occurs in severe form. In the world of coronavirus has infected more than 2.9 million people, recorded more than 200 thousand deaths.