China’s government has banned the broadcasting of effeminate women and instructed broadcasters to promote “revolutionary cultural” Thursday, expanding a campaign to tighten social control and enforce official morality.

President Xi Jinping called for a “national renewal” with tighter Communist Party control over business, education, culture, and religion. The public and companies are being pressured to support its vision of a stronger China and a healthier society.

The party is trying to stop unhealthy attention from celebrities and has restricted children’s online gaming access.

Broadcasters must “resolutely end sissy men” and other “abnormal esthetics,” said the TV regulator. The TV regulator used an insulting term for effeminate men, called “niang pao” or literally “girlie guns,” to describe the TV regulator.

Official concern is that Chinese pop stars are not encouraging young men to be more masculine, as they have been influenced by some South Korean and Japanese actors and singers.

The regulator stated that broadcasters should not promote “vulgar internet celebrities” or admiration for wealth and celebrity. Programs should instead “vigorously promote excellent Chinese tradition, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture.”

Xi’s government is also tightening its control over the Chinese internet industry.

It launched anti-monopoly and data security enforcement actions against companies, including Tencent Holding, a social media company that provides games and social media services, and Alibaba Group, which the ruling party fears are too independent and large.

Wednesday’s rules limit online gaming to no more than three hours per week for anyone younger than 18 and ban play on school days.

Before a game could be released, developers had to submit new titles for approval by the government. Officials have asked them to include nationalistic themes.

Celebrities are also under increasing pressure.

The regulator advised broadcasters to avoid performers who “violate the public order” or “lose their morality.” The regulator also bans programs about celebrities’ children.

Weibo Corp., a microblog platform, suspended thousands of accounts to fan clubs and entertainment news on Saturday.

Zhao Wei, a popular actress, has vanished from streaming sites without explanation. Her name has been removed in credits for movies and TV shows.

Thursday’s order instructed broadcasters to limit the pay of performers and to avoid any contract terms that could help them evade tax.

Zheng Shuang was also fined 299,000,000 yuan ($46 Million) for tax evasion last week. This is a warning to celebrities that they should be role models.