of The ten children of warriors, and their parents, that a preliminary injunction is set against the kingdom of Belgium, have filed an appeal against the decision of the dwangsommenrechter of the 25th of February. Write to their lawyers, Abderrahim Lahlali, and Muhammed Özdemir.

in the Meantime, the pleadings before the court of appeal, the original decision of the court has been postponed until after the coronacrisis, and the court ordering the seizure and the procedure for the attachment with the federal public Justice, and Foreign Affairs, without the article stated.

On december 11, 2019, the Brussels-based court, that the Belgian government was to have ten children of Syria-fighters ” consular assistance had to provide them with the documents should be delivered to them to carry out work under the guidance, to come to Belgium. The court imposed a penalty of eur 5,000 for each day of delay for each child.

According to the association of the children and their parents will be made to the Belgian government, not enough to make the decision to run, in which they have recourse to a judicial officer for the federal department’s of Justice and of Foreign Affairs sent to the seizure and of the penalties attached to them. The government has stepped in, however, the dwangsommenrechter the court to which the original interim order had been pronounced. There, she asked me to make the required payments to be reviewed, because they are unable to, it would have been available to run it.

That dwangsommenrechter held on the 25th of February, that the government, in those circumstances, it is, indeed, the decision not to run, and decided that the imposition of a penalty payment only had to be paid as well as the government’s decision still does not run, then three months after the parents ‘ written, agreed to, and the kids to get them to return home.

The parents and the children against the decision of the dwangsommenrechter appeal.

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