Visitors will see the paintings not the usual conditions: in the halls – complete darkness, and at the entrance they will offer to take the lights. With their help, they will be able to move, highlighting that one picture, then another.

Alexander Ovchinnikov invites the viewer to look deep into yourself. For each of the scenes depicted in more than 20 films, there is a huge inner world of a particular person, his life story or tragedy. And this is one good reason to visit the exhibition. After all, in modern life, when the external (public) side of life is sometimes completely overshadows internal (personal), the ability to think about herself – a rarity. According to the artist, “Emptiness” is that the person unconsciously makes when going up against himself and realizes he needs really. And then, suddenly, he finds himself on the brink. The exhibition is an attempt to reflect on what would happen if this inner void cannot be filled. And if to fill, with what?

find answers to these questions are relevant today, perhaps more than ever. The world freeze-frame, suspended General non-stop running, gave time to reflect: how is my life, whether I’m busy, do I need all these things, which I’m working?

it is Noteworthy, however, that the exhibited paintings do not have direct relation to living now in the period of the pandemic. They were created much earlier, and was first presented to the public a year ago at the same exhibition in Perm. Just their stories, writing style, manner of presentation, the color saturation was surprisingly in tune with the present.

– each painting its own character, atmosphere and idea that gave it birth, – says the artist. For me, painting is a conversation with the audience. Drawing, I share with people what I’m into and like it or not. Or what would be worth to think about. I do not impose my ideas, rather, suggest a topic for reflection.

By the way, Alexander doesn’t have any art education. He, having two very prestigious technical diplomas, working at the car wash.

– back in high school I realized that outside of drawing I don’t want to live, – explains the artist. – And such work does not prevent to do what you love. No need to spend mental and physical energy on career concerns, experiences, achieve something unnecessary. And I was completely satisfied, I am a happy person.

According to Alexander, people make a mistake when they stop doing what they like. What happens if the person is in favor of career, money, material goods – Yes, anything – throws your Hobbies? At which point he begins to regret?

Perhaps the search for answers to these questions will result in another picture. And while there is the opportunity to meet other artist’s works.


the Exhibition will open to the address: Izhevsk, ul Karla Marksa, 244а. Tel (3412) 57-03-47.