In an Instagram Post reads: “After eight years, full of joy, happiness, and adventure with highs and lows came, Paul and I some time ago decided that our relationship from now on, as a loving parent, but not more than a couple in Love, lead.”

Sido remained with statements covered and Charlotte Worthy to be expressed more separation – until now. “For me, a marriage is reflected in a thing to work anyway to constantly, constantly. Therefore, the peu à peu was,“ she explained to RTL.

source: “I can’t fight anymore!”

But it is: “at some point, but for me, the realization that we, in spite of the great years, in spite of everything, that we are now not more of this classic couple can give with the common values that were important. As I came eventually to the conclusion that it is no longer, I can’t fight anymore. It is difficult for us to fight for something that you can’t change.“

The two have two children together, a 2013 born and a 2016 born son. For the two of you want to continue to be as parents: “We strive to be reasonable and we can do that also. And if you look in the eyes of the children, would know what to do that. Everything else will be the first hired back.“

for Eight years the two were a Couple. “I’ve found for me at some point that we can not exist more than the classic couple – the once agreed-upon values and morals –” so Charlotte Worthy in an interview with the illustrated magazine ‘Gala’. On the question of possible third parties that could have played in the separation, a role she says: “The gave and there is not for me, absolutely.”

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