For weeks, rife with the Coronavirus worldwide. The stocks of face-masks and protective clothing are becoming scarcer. The want to change the Chanel now and the production on the much-needed masks and gowns. The French company said on 29. March 2020.

Chanel: mouth protection masks instead of High Fashion

As the luxury label, according to the Reuters news Agency, in its notification, announced that it would begin the employees in their workshops and factories immediately with the preparation of masks and scrubs, as soon as the French health authorities have approved the prototypes. This is also one of the reasons why the luxury fashion group would not have any of his 4,500 employees dismissed. In addition to the production changeover, Chanel had already donated 1.2 million euros to an emergency Fund and his staff for the eight-week salaries assured, should it come to a reduction of production, the industry magazine “Womens Wear Daily”.

In the statement, the company called on therefore to more solidarity: “Today, we mobilize our employees, and our partners in protective masks and protective coats to produce,” says Chanel. It is not yet clear how many masks will produce Chanel an expected and an estimate of the time of the first delivery of French health care facilities, but in view of the world in the absence of any contribution counts.

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through the first mask with the corresponding institutions, have ordered the French government more than a billion face masks, mainly from China, to be delivered in the coming weeks and months. The Minister of health, Olivier Véran announced on 28. March 2020.

Corona-crisis, a number of other designers and Labels have the production changed

Even before Chanel announced to his help, had begun a number of other designers and Labels like Christian Siriano and Prada in order to produce mouth protection masks and protective coat. So they wanted to make the much-needed mouth protection masks of the variety N95 be for the people available, you need the most.

While the sector of luxury clothing, focuses on the production of masks and coats, are companies such as LVMH or Estée Lauder passed to your perfume and cosmetic factories on the production of hand disinfectants to change.

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