the New series “the Great” — the ideal product for isolation. Now is the time to not only watch, but also eagerly discuss what they see. And the reasons for breaking things copies abound here. Still, the treacherous bourgeoisie again took a swing at our glorious history and turned it into a Comedy.

In the story “great” the main actors of the Austrian Princess who married the Russian Emperor Peter, then to become the Empress Catherine. Literally everything that happens in the scenes from the Palace of manners in the spirit of “burn-walk” to a black actor Abraham Popoola as Prince of Rostov and ethnic Indian Sasha Dhawan, who is playing Prince Orlov, has led many fans of the historical series into a rage like bulls, whose nose shaking a red rag. However, even among those who did not accept the genre of buffoonery in the context of historical figures, probably there are people ready to admit that Elle fanning’s quite good in the role of Catherine. “MK” has decided to remember actress and other stars, for which the role of the Russian Empress mattered in his career.

Elle fanning (“the Great”, US-UK, 2020)

Pretty American woman is only 22, but she started acting as soon as he learned to speak and now her acting filmography has already six dozen projects. She played sweet little babies, teenagers with the vagaries of young ladies in costume dramas and boasts works of great Directors like Francis Ford Coppola and woody Allen.

“great,” al still Executive producer and the project it takes much more than a Comedy with lewd jokes, smashing crockery and severed heads. Feminist plot attached to all events in the series extra weight. Girl with liberal views gets a husband despot and idiot and begins his own personal struggle for all progressive. And although this progressive she is very vague, a feminist with a strong face and a retro dress can still attract an audience much younger and dynamic than the boring fans to collect historical mistakes.

the Main problem here lies in the fact that good does not replay evil. Peter king, who is a despot and an idiot, performed by Nicholas Holt came in person downright irresistible in his demonic charm and feminine necklace. Fanning out on the series poster. Probably never before had the girl in the image of the future Russian Empress did not show such obscene gestures.

Marina Aleksandrova (“Ekaterina”, Russia, 2014)

the Actress admitted that to carry on filming the crown isn’t my idea of fun, but accessory was a Royal Marina is so fit that she got used to the image of the Empress for three seasons. Sometimes person Catherine was a little lost in a jumble of historical details, but the audience Alexandrov in the image of the Empress clearly liked it, although someone mentioned that the actress in this situation lacks weight, and in the truest sense. Perhaps the most successful line of the series was the relationship of Catherine and Paul, played by Alexander Yatsenko. In other scenic situations and Alexandrova and her crown turned out to be hostages of what is called the series of Federal significance with the inevitable for such projects, mock drama and a set of cliches and platitudes.

Yuliya Snigir (“the Great”, Russia, 2015)

the role of Catherine, the actress came up with a very colorful resume, which was including historical projects. And if you shift attention only to the person Snigir “great”, we can say that it is pretty successful in creating the image of women are incredibly greedy of life in all of its diverse manifestations. But by series actress, frankly, not luck. Sometimes it seemed that the way the main character in this whole thing is much less important than a great desire to show what a beautiful country would be Russia if not for the corrupting influence of the West. Fortunately a few years later, Julia is in compensation your will receive a generous slice of actor’s happiness in the series Paolo Sorrentino “New Dad.”

Helen Mirren (“Catherine the great”, great Britain, USA, 2019)

the Palace drama is a classic of British genre, and Helen Mirren solid experience of reincarnation to royalty and to the same Russian roots. In the TV series “Catherine the great” in just four series, and this small television for the timing perhaps was not enough for detailed disclosure of the drama of the Empress, but enough to once again make sure as irresistible in the frame is one of the best Actresses on the planet. For four series performed by Catherine Mirren manages to be a mistress that catches your passion for Potemkin in the pool with his head, and calculating to the inhumanity of the ruler and the woman in anxious expectation of happiness. Add to this amazing to become an actress in period costume no less impressive and the ability to sit in the saddle. If Helen collects their Royal in every sense of the outputs, it was one of them.