For example, is not allowed to open cinemas in Saint-Petersburg, Sverdlovsk oblast and Krasnodar Krai. These regions until the situation with COVID-19 had a significant share of box office receipts across the country, said Oleg Berezin.

In some regions, where the cinemas have given the nod to open, in addition to the requirements of social distance for spectators restrictions of the local authorities. For example, in Rostov-on-don, the occupancy of the halls may not exceed 25%, in the Samara region – 30%. Also, a ban on the opening of Kinabalu that bring a good profit. Although, on the recommendation of CPS, food and drinks from Kinabalu visitors can book in advance online or purchased at vending machines. For these reasons, some theater owners has decided not yet to open, waiting for better times, “the coming of the new “Avatar”. Because the existing restrictions are not too willing to release in new movies and producers. In addition, for promotion of new films need advertising campaign the Federal level.

the pandemic cinemas have tested the new format of the chocolates. It is gaining popularity, but will not be able to win over a significant part of the audience, I’m sure Berezin. Moreover, this option of watching movies should be considered only as a form of leisure, and irregular, not like the real movie business. “No copyright holder provides a new cinema films for exhibition due to difficulties with monitoring the protection of content,” – said Berezin, noting that legally the format of the chocolates is not fixed.

do Not soon expect global m & a “kids” by large market players, says Berezin. In addition, many small, independent cinemas were in a better position than a network. They have, as a rule, the premises are owned and not required to pay at least the rent with no income. The number of prospects entering the market the film industry the big media platforms such as “Disney”, “Netflix”, “Gazprom media”, “national Media group”. They will be able to add their services to the work of existing theaters, says Berezin. However, it will be more a piece of history.

According to the head of the Association, leaving market players will begin in a few months. A strong blow will have on the regions where most remained for a long time limitations on the operation of cinemas. For the year the loss of the cinema will be close to 50 billion rubles.