The Ministry proposes to give 25% discount on advance payment for the purchase of vehicles in parks carsharing. We are talking about the new “Affordable rent”, in which you can hire a car in operating lease without transfer of ownership. Recipients of the program were individuals, and small and medium businesses, although the Ministry recognizes that for them leasing of traditionally disadvantageous because of the need to pay VAT. To take a long-term lease will be only Russian cars or cars of deeply localized in Russia for foreign corporations. The discount in the traditional program, much less 10-12,5%.The Ministry proposes to amend the government decree on preferential leasing of vehicles changes, which fix the condition of a new “Affordable rent”. We are talking about obelising, in which the government would subsidize 25% advance payment. The discount on the car can not be more than 350 thousand rubles, light commercial — 500 thousand RUB, the rest commercial vehicles — not more than 900 thousand rubles in the framework of financial leasing at a reduced program discount of 10% but not more than 500 thousand rubles. There is also an exception for tractors, which takes in financial leasing, small and medium businesses or farmers: for them, the discount is 12.5% but not more than 625 thousand RUB Any additional local content requirements of purchased vehicles under the new program is not entered. But in the current regulation about concessional lease already contains a requirement that cars must score 1.4 thousand points on the 719-th order on the localization. Vehicles up to 12 tons have to score 1.6 million points of other commercial transport — 1,5 thousand points.The amendments are listed separately for two categories of recipients: individuals and small and medium-sized businesses (exempt from the duties of the taxpayer according to article 145 NK the Russian Federation), as well as operators of car-sharing and companies that continue to use the machines for providing services to rental. Individuals and small businesses almost never use operating lease due to double taxation of VAT, since the “original VAT included in the price of the acquired organization leasing the car and then re-included in monthly lease payments,” reads the explanatory note. As a result, for individuals and SMEs who are not VAT payers, this tool is much more expensive than purchasing a car on credit, and its share in total car sales to almost zero, as recognized by the Ministry of industry and trade.Olga Nikitina