Association of international road carriers of Ukraine has called the offensive words of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, who called truckers "assholes", said the President of Association Leonid Kostyuchenko.

Zelensky previously registered in the group of truck drivers in Viber, where they shared ways to pass unnoticed with a load higher than normal, and called the drivers "assholes".

"of Course, unpleasant to hear insulting words to address people who are in tough economic times, make every effort to ensure the economic complex and population with all necessary goods. In a pandemic, the drivers showed a great courage, not afraid of the word! In foreign trade, cars – probably the only form of transport, which at that time were United by our government with foreign countries, providing export and import goods. But almost 1.5 million commercial drivers of cargo transport has received the "gratitude" President" – Kostyuchenko said in comments to the Agency "Ukrainian news".

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley said his Department intends not only to create new high-quality roads, and to protect them from destruction by overloaded trucks. In the future Ukraine wants to introduce a modern system for monitoring the weighing of trucks in motion. In the current year it is planned that these systems will be 20, and in a few years – 150.