Lucy Boynton

In June of this year we released the second season of the acclaimed Netflix series “Politician” (The Politician) — a satirical drama about the struggle for power that begins in high school in Santa Barbara, well in the new season continues in new York. But the caustic irony of the intrigues and manipulations — is not the only thing that attracted the audience. “Politician” is one of the most memorable series in terms of visuals, including costumes. br>
Well, the main fashionistas of all called Lucy Boynton, the performer of the role of Astrid Sloan. The heroine is already being compared to Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the city” and Blair Waldorf from “Gossip girl” and discharged her on-screen style icon for generation Z. How to create the image of Astrid and what is remarkable about her other costumes in the series, talk in our material.

Lucy Boynton in the TV series “the Politician” in a dress from Topshop

the show starts in middle school Santa Barbara, where two students — Peyton Hobart (Ben Platt), who has dreams that will become President of the United States, and river Barkley (David Cornsweet) — fight for President of the student Council.

After the death of Barkley, his place in the race is Astrid Sloan, who had joined the staff of his associates.

the Series created by Ryan Murphy, brad Falshakom and Ian Brennan, the satirical tone is different (school wide well played all the mechanisms resorted to and at the level of world politics) and a bright picture — from the point of view of decoration it was even compared with the works of Wes Anderson.

David Cornsweet, Lucy Boynton and Ben Platt on the series poster

Here in the palette is also a lot of yellow, pink, blue — bright colors saturated and the space itself (and how could it be otherwise in Sunny California), and, of course, the costumes of the characters. In the wardrobe there was virtually no things black: saturated shades is also a way to emphasize that all the characters are strong personalities and tend to draw attention to themselves. Black color Parkinson, in her confession, used only to refer to mourning.

Lucy Boynton in a dress from Zara

On the creation of images worked from two costume. Lou Eyrich, who worked with Murphy on the project “American horror story”, was responsible for the wardrobe Gwyneth Paltrow (she played the mother of Peyton) and Jessica Lange (she got the role of grandma, infinity, girls, Peyton uses in his campaign). Well run by Claire Parkinson has been the other main characters, including the heroine, Lucy Boynton.

On the screen at the costumes of the characters almost always have a special meaning, helping to uncover their characters or keep the plot from the point of view of dramaturgy, on��reamer, due to the color. “Politician” in this regard is no exception. So, on the screen appears a lot of things bright flashy shades and prints — Parkinson’s is explained by the fact that the clothing in this case was to play the role of a facade, pompous outside, which is absolute inner emptiness.

in addition, the outfits of some characters are used as a satirical technique. So, often emphasizes the inappropriateness of outfits heroine Gwyneth Paltrow: in the afternoon she often wears evening clothes, and working in the garden in a long dress with a hint of fuchsia from Carolina Herrera.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a dress by Carolina Herrera

Astrid also loves expensive brands, but in her wardrobe Suite often mix with the mass market: for example, she wears a Zara dress with a bag from Chanel, and the house wears a sweatshirt from Marc Jacobs, the brand name largely embroidered on the chest.

Astrid is a real fashion Princess series. She has such a strong character that she always stresses how she dresses

— described character Parkinson.

Lucy Boynton dress in Zara and Chanel bag

the Image of Sloan captivated audiences because it is possible to find many Parallels with the characteristic style of the Boynton. On the red carpet the actress also appeared in outfits with ruffles, embroidered collars and bows. So inspired by the preppy and mods closet Astrid looks at it very harmonious.

Lucy Boynton

Lucy Boynton in blouse Fernweh

Lucy Boynton in suit from Zara

Murphy, who worked closely with his costume designers on the creation of images of characters, said, what aesthetics Astrid is a kind of tribute to the movie “Clueless”. Cult tape from the ‘ 90s with Alicia Silverstone in the lead role also talked about the life of high school and became a fashion phenomenon.

Lucy Boynton in the Maje t-shirt and skirt Urban Outfitters, bag — Topshop

a scene from the movie “Clueless”

But Parkinson added that creating an image of Sloane, she imagined françoise Hardy, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung. The costume didn’t hide that revised and “Sex in the city” and her cute sense of style Carrie Bradshaw.

I like to see their money wherever they are tangible, — hanging in my closet,

at least, this quote Carrie quite naturally would have sounded in speech of Astrid.

These different sources of inspiration, of course, is reflected in the image of the heroine. Astrid’s style is really no style, and this distinguishes it from other characters that exist in a more clear fashion frames.

Closet of the heroine Boynton is almost demonstrative eclecticism. Reputable brands with a history like Chanel, Dior and Miu Miu are juxtaposed with contemporary brands such as Sandro, Maje, Topshop and Zara, and things from the new collections — from vintage models from Diane von Furstenberg, and Chloé.

Lucy Boynton trousers from Diane von Furstenberg

While in outfits Astrid goes well and girlish romance, and sexuality: for example, at the farewell ceremony with Barkley it comes in a blouse with ruffles and leather mini dress. On the one hand, this funeral attire, one of the few appearances of the character in black in the first season, but, on the other hand, Astrid deliberately dresses like he wants to say, who is the boss Queen of the school.

Lucy Boynton in blouse from Max Studio dress from Maje

This variability reflects it quite flexible and quick mind and at the same time, her inner anxiety and rebellion.

this is the example of Astrid clearly traced the idea of “fasadnogo” wardrobe. In the middle of the first season, when the heroine runs away from home to new York, she will completely change its clothes. A more traditional preppy look, it changes to street fashion and hoodies.

Before the sport that she wore in public, was a tennis suit — combined with the draped over the shoulders of a jumper, perhaps the canonical image representative of the upper social strata. Combines two images accessory only, namely colored sunglasses from Quay.

Lucy Boynton in tennis costume Tory Burch

Returning to your world is impressively rich and spoiled offspring of wealthy parents, Astrid again wears old clothes.

However, in the second season, new York still changes the image of the heroine. It is in this city tolerated the action of “Politics”: now, Peyton is studying at University in new York and is preparing to run for the state Senate, and Astrid, his former rival, this time included in his team (but has attracted considerable interest and the other campaign staff).

Lucy Boynton in a jacket from Gucci

the Image of Astrid loses purely “school” style with plaid mini-skirts and blouses with bows and becomes more eccentric and relaxed, in the spirit of rock-n-roll. At the level of the costumes again highlighted changes that have occurred with the heroine: she has become more courageous and independent, and throughout the season the audience sees as she takes a few fateful decisions.

Lucy Boynton in a raincoat from Marc Jacobs and Bette Midler in the series “Politik”

One of the most striking images of the heroine in the second season can be called a leopard print coat from Marc Jacobs, which Astrid wears in combination with the bright blue tights — you can see and Carrie Bradshaw and Edie Sedgwick.

Lucy Boynton in coat by Marc Jacobs

a Change of scene (and climate) also helped to expand the wardrobe of the heroine. Spectacular the coat now becomes an iconic thing Astrid — in the shot she also appears in a varnished coat from Tibi “crocodile skin”.

Lucy Boynton coat from Tibi

But she has not forgotten his love for the Suite, nor eclectic, nor a vintage clothes. The heroine wears a biker jacket, supentown monogrammed Louis Vuitton and a dress from Prada, and a skirt in the style of the ‘ 80s, and tops from Zara.

Lucy Boynton in a dress by Prada

her images are also more accessories such as patent leather bag and chunky earrings.

Lucy Boynton in a dress from Ganni

the Finale of the second season left some lines not quite completed — this also applies to the history of Astrid. Will there be a third season, is still unknown. However, it is difficult to say what fans have been waiting for with great anticipation: the answers to questions or new images bright heroine Lucy Boynton.