the Jubilee 20th year of the project VIA Gra was marked by the departure of another participant, which was its soloist for 7 years – Erica Herceg. She said of his decision to the surprise of many fans. Although, according to her, the reason is the desire to do my own thing, according to the web rumors: allegedly, the singer was with Meladze secret affair. Moreover, in type it is very similar to the former star of VIA gra and the current wife of Constantine Vera Brezhnev.

Eric is a Ukrainian singer and model which is his personal example motivated many girls and proved that anything in life is possible, if you really want (and have the money for it, of course).

At the age of 17 she weighed 80 kg and then lost 30, had surgery for breast enlargement and began to do some modeling – modeled for Playboy magazine, has collaborated with world-famous brand of French lingerie. In 2013, she participated in the show “Hochu V VIA GRU”.

a Mentor to the contestants, who fought for a place under the sun in a new part of the team, began his six ex-participants – Nadezhda Granovskaya, Anna Sedokova, Albina dzhanabaeva, Alena Vinnitskaya, Meseda Bagaudinova and Santa Dimopoulos, and one of the leading – Vera Brezhnev. Auditions were held in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

In the end, together with Erica, the group consists of Misha Romanov and Anastasia Kozhevnikova (all of them were at the competition the team Granovsky). In 2018 Misha Romanov was replaced by vocalist Olga Megansa. It happened at a concert in Tbilisi. Moreover, the resignation of Misha became known just two days before the show. Care Erica Herceg too became a bolt from the blue. However, according to the artist, she will sing in his group for some time.

– there is a situation that we are looking for a girl – a charismatic, good-looking – the group “VIA Gra” instead of me. I from the beginning thought a lot and decided that I would need to leave already slowly. I then spoke to Bones, Kostya supported me, and I to the New year working in the group until we find the girl, and, of course, we need to rehearse, teach her all the songs of the program.

And I’m still with you, so if God willing, when open borders – see: and in Turkey, and in Sochi, and in Europe, because we have already been pre-scheduled concerts in different places. We’ll meet again and at concerts “VIA gra”, but I’m slowly going to start your solo journey. I’m preparing a lot of surprises for its fans, and I hope that they support me. I do know that they support me, love and it is absolutely mutual!

In response to the resignation on the social network excited, the fans began to send emotional comments and questions. “Eric, it turns out, you Meladze asked to leave, you wouldn’t leave? Hmmm, if so and you leave the group, then it is not VIA Gra be, and it is not clear what.” “I asked. It is time, after all 7 years have passed,” replied Eric. “Like saying that you will be under the wing of a MM. And release solo songs even promised. Why has everything changed?” asked another listener. “This is not promised, – said Herceg, I always say that my solo project I’m preparing myself.”

will it be Possible for a girl to make a successful solo career – time will tell. Fans are determined and were waiting for new songs. The fate of former members of the team were different. In his “Golden team” was part of Anna Sedokova and the already mentioned Vera Brezhnev and Nadezhda Granovskaya.

Sedokova was a leading soloist. The red-haired girl turned the head of many fans, and then retired from show business for the sake of family happiness, but stayed in the safe Harbor for long, later again tried to storm the starry world. Now she often plays the role of leading various awards and engaged in a solo activity, showing the audience clips of Frank.

In its place in due time came Svetlana Loboda, which, however, was in the band for less than a year and remember the audience in its composition only in the video for “Biology”. Then a scandal erupted when the audience boycotted the concerts and return the previously purchased tickets. Because of this, Loboda decided to quickly replace Albina Dzhanabaeva, but as you know, the creative life first formed in the end much more successfully.

Wilson was the most “peaceful” member of VIA gra, has never been seen in the scandals with producer and after two treatments his back on the team again. God loves a Trinity, and after the third she finally made a firm decision to move forward independently, but in a completely different direction. Hope was engaged in the academic vocal, began to write poetry, starred in a TV movie, took part in the show parodies itself became a producer and launched her capsule clothing collection. Now she is happily married and has three children.

Vera Brezhneva, became the main Muse of Constantine before the marriage with him, thwarted all the credit. Her path has developed in this sense is: it was the act itself, but with songs Meladze, which was the key to the growing popularity in personal musical voyage, starred in several major films, thundered all over the country, such as “Love in the city” and “Christmas Tree”. She is also a goodwill Ambassador of the UN and has established its own charitable Foundation to help children with hematological malignancies.