Brussels –

A truck driver who is in control of the police force, wanted to withdraw, it is in Brussels, Rue de la loi, drove down to the police station. The driver was arrested.

as A car driver, is wed night run at the police in Brussels, Rue de la loi. People were not injured, and the driver was apprehended to be. That the report of the public prosecutor in Brussels Thursday.

at The Brussels police department was established in the Rue de la loi, in order for the directors to review the capital inreden. The officers had to make sure that they ensure no unnecessary movement or not in a single-car smell.

finally, at Around 12.00 am trying to a driver to control the situation by non-stop over the point-to-drive. The police allowed the car to prevent the driver’s arrest. His vehicle was impounded and the weggetakeld.

The public prosecutor’s office will decide what to do with him and for that to happen.

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