tonight will be presented at “the cave of The lion” with Capanova a product that is aimed at the well-groomed man who wants to dispense with his daily hair care prefer to be completely on chemistry. To the idea of care styling products for men with exclusively natural ingredients of came founder, Benjamin cook, according to his own testimony after a multi-month trip to South America, which have left their distinct traces in the hair. (Also interesting: “the cave of The lions” sports App “FitterYou” falls in DHDL-investors)

Capanova at DHDL: hair loss and premature graying due to incorrect hair care?

As we have learned in seven seasons of “the cave of The lion”, and a product often coincides with the founder’s history. Benjamin cook was so in 2017 he went for a year and a half on a trip to South America and settled on a local product that was recommended to him by scent and Styling feeling convinced.

Back in Germany, he used the hair product for men more – until only a few weeks after “the shock” set in. As the founder describes it on the Capanova website: His hair was getting thinner and even fell suddenly increased. A medical check and comprehensive research then brought certainty: The styling product consisted of so much chemistry, that Benjamin’s hair could no longer breathe and die threatened. (Read also: eight products you really need to care for your hair)

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hair product-Need is the mother of invention: Capanova at DHDL as a natural hair styling for men

The search for high-quality styling products for men that include no chemical substances, stayed for Benjamin, however, unsuccessful. Therefore, the skilled Marketing and communications specialist his first four Capanova products. The natural cosmetic bears the NATURE-seal, and is intended to provide not only solid Styling but also hair care.

by the Way: That men can smear on the nature of the future, literally, in the hair, is not the only Vision of the founders, Benjamin cook followed with Capanova. So the company wants to produce, among other things, climate-neutral and, to that end, for each CO2 emissions forest protection project “Madre de Dios” in Peru. In addition, under Capanova hold a WWF sponsorship for endangered jaguars in the Amazon region.

secure Capanova in “the cave of The lion” a Deal?

for Two years did research for the founder to his hair products and now presents it in “the cave of The lion”. His offer: He wants to 400,000 euros and offers a 25.01 percent of its shares in the company. As in the run-up to the published pictures show, Beauty was expert, Judith Williams, at least not to the Capanova hair products under the microscope.

If one of the lions of the product but actually to convince and payment for investments, staying in for the evening and probably one of the most exciting questions of the shipment. (Also read: “the cave of The lion” – the Talk: Maschmeyer with hard statement to Conorakrise)

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