Hannover/Berlin – the end of The year, Hartmut Ziebs (60) resigned as President of the German firefighters Association (DFV). Now Karl-Heinz Banse (57), President of the national fire Department Association of lower Saxony, bidding to be his successor.

Banse to IMAGE: “I am standing for election to the DFV-President. The country fire associations, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, lower Saxony and Schleswig-wood-stone me, already proposed to the DFV as a candidate.“

last Friday, the application period ended at the office of the German fire brigade President. The communication sits in Berlin and is supposed to represent the interests of all 1.3 million German firefighters. In addition to the lower Saxony Frank Kliem (54) applying Brandenburg to the office. Actually, the presidential election should be held during the international fire brigade trade fair Interschutz on the 20. June in Hannover take place. After the postponement of the trade fair a year, the delegates ‘ meeting must be the election postponed.

“In close coordination with the communication member associations will be found a new date in 2020. At this Assembly of delegates, the election of the President is planned“, says the fire service Association on request.

Karl-Heinz Banse was elected in may 2013 to the President of the lower Saxony state fire service Association. He is also a government fire officer for the districts of Göttingen, Northeim, Osterode and Hildesheim.

The German fire services Association since November of last year, in a severe crisis. At the time, five of the seven deputies of then-President Hartmut Ziebs had demanded their resignation. A plausible reason for your cancellation claim is not delivered by the Vice President until today. Hartmut Ziebs had warned of the dangers of national trends in Parts of the AfD and a hike to the fire by such people. Ziebs says, his AfD is critical of the statements and the setting of a national managing Director with Turkish roots had been denied to him by the Vice-President to the charge and as the reason for the resignation demand called made. The five Vice-presidents not to say that it is so.

Karl-Heinz Banse was against the at the fire-base of the popular Hartmut Ziebs, and behaved in the dispute is not neutral. So Banse Hartmut Ziebs found statements he had never made. Meanwhile, Karl-Heinz Banse has not committed to repeat these statements and says: “My statement was exaggerated, and the heated mood and emotionality of the debate is owed.”