Amalie Dollerup should for the time have spent the spring in his old college town of Aarhus with her husband, who had a job at Aarhus Theatre. It was cancelled due to corona-the situation, but so did she in return is a good idea.

For while the 33-year-old actress and her husband Andreas Jebro must instead be in Copenhagen, where they’ve now got extra time to enjoy their little boy, who came into the world last summer, she has been working on a little video project with his colleagues from the ‘fawlty towers’.

the Message reads that we should remember to be at home in this coronasmitte-time and take it easy.

It shows they know in their own way to sing one line of the song ‘Take it easy’. Leo Mathisens old number as ‘fawlty towers’-viewers will remember, precisely, was sung in the last season of Jens Jacob Tychsens character Mr Weyse.

“I have been the coordinator of the project and written around to my colleagues from the ‘fawlty towers’ to hear whether they would be with. There were fortunately many were on the idea and filmed themselves at home, and so there was plenty of material, which I had to look through and pick out and get the clip along with the help of my colleague from the ‘Keep In Real’ (Company who makes video resumes for actors, ed.),” tells candace parker to the B. T..

She adds:

“It is my contribution to this special situation, we all together stand in. To do our best and to get the best out of it.”

In the video can be seen, among other things Birthe Neumann singing in laid-back corona-style, with wine and cigarette in hands and Sigurd Le Dous surrounded by his children and their Duplo blocks.

About the cancelled trip to Aarhus, where her husband would have played with in the performance ‘cake factory’, she says:

“We were really delighted to be back in our old studio – and arbejdsby (They are both graduated from the Århus Theatre, ed.), but the positive thing is that we’ve now got three months of single motherhood instead. It is quite unique, and when the situation is as it is, it’s pretty amazing.”

TV2 re-broadcast of the time on Saturday the third season of ‘fawlty towers’, as compensation for the applications that have been deferred by the corona-the situation.

so far, is it still the plan that produced a season eight premiere in 2021.