Black conservative activist Candace Owens began a Twitter feud with rap star Cardi B over the latter’s interview with Joe Biden, her music, and politics in general, unleashing a war between both women’s fanbases.

Owens posted a video clip on Sunday, in which she called the presidential candidate’s interview with Cardi B “one of the biggest insults” to the black community. She then ripped into the singer’s personality, calling her “illiterate” and saying that her music “contributes to the disintegration of black culture and values.”

Since most black people didn’t have the spine to admit that @benshapiro was 100% correct about @iamcardib and how her music and platform contributes to the disintegration of black culture and values…here you go.

Cardi B was none too happy about such descriptions. The provocative rapper ‘clapped back’ by saying that Biden “had” to talk to her because she has “the number one song,”“a huge platform,” and “can make millions go vote.”

Yes you are right I have the number 1 song & I have a huge platform and I can make millions go vote to get the MAN THAT USED YOU .I don’t want to argue with you Candace I really don’t have the time .I honestly just feel sorry for you.

The discussion also veered into the topic of taxation. Owens saw inconsistency in Cardi B’s positions, as she supposedly wants “to lower [her] taxes” and have the costly “free universal healthcare” at the same time.

Cardi B came back at Owens by saying that despite “hating” to pay taxes, she’d rather the money went towards social programs and not police funding.

The discourse based in the US Democrat/Republican dichotomy then, perhaps, reached an inevitable point. The two women argued over who among their presidential candidates of choice, Donald Trump or Biden, was more racist.

& you are encouraging millions to vote for a man who laugh Everytime a black men gets killed by a cop and tell millions of Americans to drink bleach🤷🏽‍♀️ Trump didn’t even have you talking at the Republican convention 😩He thinks you’re dumb.MASA did you dirty but you mad at me ?

Both Owens and Cardi B have millions of Twitter followers, who took sides by attacking the woman with whom they disagreed.

The musician’s supporters seemed to believe that Owens is oblivious to being “tokenized” by US conservatives, who are using her image to appear more palatable to African Americans.

What I don’t like seeing is two Black women fighting over two old white men running for president…the fact that Candace Owens says Joe Biden is playing Cardi B but can’t seem to get that white supremacists & Republicans have been tokenizing her ass for four years says it all.

Owens’ fans, on the other hand, agreed with her initial points about the Biden interview, saying that Cardi B was “destroyed” during the Twitter bout.

Candace Owens 100% destroyed @iamcardib tonight.Joe Biden used Cardi to try and get the black vote – and it’s failing miserably.

Despite not being much of a political activist, Cardi B has become notorious in US conservative circles since the release of a sexually explicit song called ‘WAP’ and her sit-down with Biden. The former vice president himself was widely mocked online after it, as one of his rare media appearances was spent on a softball-filled Zoom conversation with a celebrity.

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