The Load of “Sugar-Company” in Munich’s city centre looks like the stage image of the famous Nutcracker and the sugar plum fairy. Everything is pastel colors. I’ve been there, to let me of Sarah Miled with sugar paste my hairs on the upper lip and face remove. I’m blonde, but in a certain light, the hair in the face will Shine for me.

The Podcast

In advertising, I’ve seen many Ads for hair removal. Faces and the moustaches are never. As I was busy for my Podcast “chaos Queen” with the subject, I had approached a lot of women. Suddenly, I heard words such as lasers, waxing, shaving, dyeing and also sugaring. The technique, which originates from North Africa is, in the a with a tough of sugar hair paste can be torn out. About the author

With your Podcast “chaos Queen” tries to journalist Elena Dangel everyday Chaos declare war. Be it women’s issues, such as hair removal or simple cleaning tips to get your apartment into shape. To fail always with a Smile on the lips and no fear of crashes Elena in always new adventures. In her Podcast, she tells of her experiences, so that nobody makes the same mistake as you.

Alexandra Miled has established with her daughter Sarah, the “Sugar Company”. The Shop in the centre running so well, you have just opened a New one in Schwabing. “Beauty is always,” explained Sarah, as she raised the mask and I put me on the couch. For a few minutes, you crack me up with the said Paste, the hair from the face. You confirmed to me that my whiskers are really amazing-resistant, in spite of the blond color.

The sugar paste is anti-bacterial. Of course it hurts, but Sarah assured me: “That’s nothing. The Bikini area try.“ I politely declined. As I left the Store, I had a highly red face, but no hair any more. My skin calmed down shortly thereafter. Six weeks ago, I was hairless and it felt good.

beards are not just for men

Until today I had not asked myself, why we dealt with it. No matter what conversation I had led on the topic, the Initiative always came from me. As I would need to exceed an invisible Wall, so that we can talk openly about it. But it is also a common theme. Beards are for men and are also more likely in women with dark hair is an issue. As I had discovered at the age of sixteen, the first black hair on my chin, I was in my adolescent Retransfiguration of the firm Conviction that I was now truly a man.

I would not thought of it that way, if the subject has stopped communicating would be. This has a lot to do with self-acceptance. How and whether you want to let the hair then remove, is a decision of each Individual, but it still has the exchange never hurt experience.

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