The expectations of this year’s Oscar awards were for Netflix big. However, even though the streaming service had bags in advance of 24 nominations, and jumped out in the end, only two awards. Especially in the case of the creators of the Mafia epic “The Irishman” attended the award ceremony for long faces – finally, the Film with Hollywood greats such as Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, and ten nominations had been traded as one of the hottest Oscar nominees.

Netflix / Wilson Webb tele show

in Spite of the doldrums of a showed: in addition to outstanding series Netflix offers treasures of long ago is also true of Film. The new German Netflix-movie “concrete-to-noise” with Frederik Lau and David Kross in the lead roles. What other productions promise a successful home-cinema-night, we can tell you here.

Netflix’s tele show “concrete-to-noise”

Viktor (David Kross) earned with the sale of real estate already good money. However, he can’t resist him, the conman Gerry (Frederick Lau) is offering a lucrative as dubious Deal. In the second German Netflix-movie “concrete-to-noise” but you soon: The air on top is thin. Whether the Thriller, with a prominent occupation of the stuff to the German “Wolf Of Wall Street”, shows from 17. April.


Netflix / Peter Mountain tele-show “Marriage Story”

After ten years of relationship has been lost Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) love. Her son Henry (Azhy Robertson) for the sake of you want to go but apart, peacefully. However, the good will, in Spite of a true rose, threatens war, as Charlie’s lawyers charged. The intense Drama “Marriage Story” lives above all from the excellent Interplay between Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. By the way: in addition to actress Laura Dern was 2020 the Oscar.


Netflix’s tele show “The two popes”

Driven by Doubt cardinal Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) in the year 2012, a letter of resignation to Pope Benedict (Anthony Hopkins). But, I don’t like it, and call Bergoglio, instead, to Rome. As Benedict reveals a well-kept secret, is in the Vatican, nothing more, as it was before. “The two popes” shines with top-class cast and tells the story of the most sensational event in recent Church history.


“The Irishman”

the class of “GoodFellas”: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci make playing the main roles in “The Irishman” about organized crime in post-war America. The Mafia-epic from Martin Scorsese takes the contract killer Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (Robert De Niro) in the focus. As the powerful Union leader Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino) disappears, the device of the criminals in suspicion.


“El Camino: A ‘Breaking Bad’ movie”

The hail of bullets in the Finale of “Breaking Bad” left a lot of corpses. Only Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) left the scene alive. “El Camino: A ‘Breaking Bad’ movie” follows directly on from the Finale of the hit series. The Film shows Jesse as a broken man who needs to be on the run from the police, the wounds of the past. Even if the Thriller looks like an overlong episode of the hit series, there are die-hard Fans, many reunited with familiar faces from the cult series.



In his animation film debut, wanted to know Netflix in 2019, equal, and devoted himself to one of the greatest legends of our time. The Christmas Comedy “Klaus” tells the story of the bumbling, but good-natured postman Jesper. Of makes friends with the carpenter Klaus and persuades the outsider to give a gift in the future children with his toys – the beginning of a unique success story. At the Oscars in 2020, it was enough for the family-friendly adventure to a nomination in the category “Best animated film”.



Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) works as a housekeeper to a wealthy family of the upper class. The young Mixtekin cooks, cleans and takes care of the four children, their mother Sofía Antonio (Marina de Tavira), is hardly so clear that her husband (Fernando Grediaga) leaves the family for another. The car biographically-inspired Black-and-White Drama “Roma” is an equally strong character as a political masterpiece and won the 2019 rightfully won the Oscar as “Best foreign language Film”.


“Beasts Of No Nation”

The ten-year-old Agu (terrific: Abraham Attah) have to see that, in the civil war, as his entire village is murdered, including father and brother. He manages to flee into the Wilderness, where he soon of the rebel force to be a ruthless commander (Idris Elba) is read. The brutally charismatic leader summons Agu, henceforth, as a child soldier for the murders of his family to take revenge. “Beasts of No Nation” is depressing in-depth the art of film, which leads us to the people as the Monster relentlessly before his eyes.


“Bird Box – Close your eyes”

“Bird Box – Close your eyes”, is confronted humanity with a formless terror. With a for the viewer invisible entity that takes on each film’s main character, the it is considered to be a different shape and every in tremendous sadness is offset and thus, in the subsequent suicide crashes. One of the few Survivors of this unorthodox judgment Malorie (Oscar winner Sandra Bullock) is. The gripping Survival Thriller follows a woman on her Odyssey.


“The last thing he wanted”

expose The journalist Elena McMahon (Anne Hathaway) has been trying for years, the masterminds behind questionable weapons shops. When she finds out that her father (Willem Dafoe) is involved in the case, the device Elena’s moral compass is out of balance. Whether or not Ben Affleck in the Netflix Film “The last thing he wanted,” as the U.S. can help-Diplomat?


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