Luxury watch brands can be a symbol of your accomplishments. If you happen to achieve a long-time dream, you might consider buying one for yourself. It will serve as a reminder that you achieved things because of your hard work and dedication. But the question is, from which brand? If you love timepieces with high precision and exceptional glamour, then buy a Hublot watch.


Hublot is among the most popular Swiss watch manufacturing companies that entered the industry in the 1980s. Despite its limited experience in creating timepieces, it becomes the top choice of watch collectors. They love it for its unbelievable craftsmanship and a strong commitment to innovation. It takes them more than a day or two to design a watch. It is to avoid sacrificing the quality and durability of its timepieces. Below is a list of the leading wristwatches from this brand that you can choose from.

1.  Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium

Hublot Big Bang is a collection that dominated the watch industry on a global scale. When you wear this watch, every person who sees it can recognize that it is under the Hublot brand. Part of this collection is the Hublot Unico Titanium. Its incomparable elegance and noticeable design made its popularity possible. It contains 38 jewels with two complications, namely printed seconds/minute track and printed Arabic numerals with 5 seconds increments. Besides that, it also has a flyback function which provides an easy way of restarting the chronograph. You only need to push the button once to restart it instantly.


In terms of the case, the company uses brushed titanium to ensure its safety and highlight its one-of-a-kind design. This watch will also provide you the opportunity to change the strap whenever you want by pressing the appropriate button. The mechanism is relatively easy compared to other wristwatches that let its users change the strap manually. Aside from it being a time-consuming process, it is also tiring to do.


2.  Hublot Classic Fusion

The company manufactured a wristwatch for people, like you, who are just starting their watch collection journey. It is in the form of their Hublot Classic Fusion model that has a straightforward design. The colors available are not only one or two so you can find a color that will best match your personality. It has the typically large size that Hublot makes. For most people, it is very comfortable but others wanted it smaller. If you are curious about its movement, you can easily observe it because it has an open case back.


There are various materials used for the watch case. You can choose from wristwatches with gold, carbon fiber, ceramic, or stainless steel. Before you decide on the type of material, make sure to do your research on their differences.

3.  Hublot Calavera Catrina King Gold

Hublot Calavera Catrina King Gold is not your typical watch. It has a unique design that you can’t find in any other brands. IF you are fond of trying new things, you might want to consider this limited edition model. It matches people with a sophisticated sense of style. Not only can it easily catch the attention of other people, but you will also take great pride in being one of the 50 owners of this wristwatch.


The design of the wristwatch shows the culture of Mexico and the company’s incredible craftsmanship. Its exterior case has a glance of gold while the interior case has a printed Mexican skull. It also has bezels with different colors of sapphires. In terms of precision, the watch is capable of winding its movement by itself. It can store power that can last for 50 hours.

4.  Hublot Gold Purple Amethyst

The company made a watch solely for women in the form of Hublot Gold Purple Amethyst. Despite its feminine colors and designs, men liked it as much as women did. If you look at its overall design, you will notice that almost all its components are purple. Its purpose is not only to tell the time. But it can also function as a chronograph and date display.


The case is an 18K Gold that is perfect for safeguarding the timepiece. To improve its usability, it has a HUB4300 to achieve a 24-hour minimum reserve power.

How to distinguish a real Hublot watch from a replica?

Since the start of Hublot’s journey in manufacturing watches, it has become the victim of counterfeiters. There are numerous Hublot watches in the market that are only a replica of the original. It even came to the point that it is differentiating them is almost impossible, especially if you are a beginner.


Before you buy a Hublot watch, make sure that you assess first its physical condition. There are signs that you would know that it is an imitation, such as misalignment in the printing of the dial and uneven placing of the strap. The weight of the fake and the authentic watch has a significant difference. The latter contains H-shape screws. So if you see normal screws on a Hublot watch, it is certainly fake. Try to examine the logo of the wristwatch. The company engraves its logo on the back of the timepiece, instead of printing it.

How to maintain the quality of a Hublot watch?

For a luxury watch to last, you must know how to take care of it properly. For sure, you don’t want to end up with a broken wristwatch in the short run. You have to clean it regularly by using a clean and soft cloth in wiping down its case and band. Do not use perfumes and other severe types of chemicals on the leather bands as it can weaken and damage them. Lastly, after every 3 to 4 years, bring the watch to a professional watchmaker. He is the only person who should open the watch and inspect for potential issues.

In a Nutshell

With the impeccable designs and complications of Hublot watches, you would know that it takes its watch designing game to the next level. Its ability to remain relevant in the market despite the changes in trends made it achieve its popularity today. To have a wristwatch that can speak of your fashion sense, head to its official website now!