August 9, Belarus held presidential elections, which, according to official data, result in 80,08% of the votes were won many years the head of state Alexander Lukashenko. His main opponent Svetlana Tikhanovski, according to the CEC, received the support of 10.09% of the voters. On the night of 10 August in Belarus began street protests disagree with the announced results of the voting following the evening continued with the arrests and the crackdown on protesters by the police. The correspondent of “Kommersant” Maria Litvinova learned from passers-by on the streets of Moscow, do they have over the news in the neighboring country, whether I sympathize with the protesters and extrapolat whether there’s life in Russia.”I would have voted for that girl”— In Belarus rightly detained and imprisoned protesters, because on the streets of Minsk and other cities overlook some provocateurs, categorically declared to the correspondent of “Kommersant” 39-the summer worker of the Moscow metro Maxim Ilyin.According to the Muscovite, on the Maidan in 2014 “it was the same army of armed men from 45 thousand provocateurs Kolomoisky”, as he announced on Russian television. From there, according to his confession, he now knows “all major news”.30-year-old mechanic Alexei Kovalenko told “Kommersant” that the news from Minsk he passed his bosses, the team owners workshops August 9, “rooting for Svetlana Tikhanovski”.”I would have voted for that girl, she her husband went against farther, feel for her respect!” — emotionally Alexey admits.In his words, “Lukashenka are all deceived and dampens people” and because “he didn’t have long” as “the people stood up”. But Russian protests mechanic does not support: “With Putin definitely will not be worse, and it better not be”.With the opinion on the inevitability of the current Russian President agrees 23-year-old employee of a Corporation rostec Igor: “I don’t know what will happen, if not Putin”. But protesters in the neighboring country, he does not, as in Belarus, according to him, “it’s very cheap for Russians,” and “Belarusians can’t complain”. “I have six years of visit to the Gomel region did not meet there any disaffected person. Even in terms of our money they earn 10 thousand rubles, but come back in the Soviet Union”,— says Igor. Such, he represents a country which itself did not find: “Clean and everything is worth a penny”.”They endured 26 years old, and in the 27th year did not survive”— To communicate with your friends in Minsk managed to reach only the next day after the election, when they were able to connect to cut off the Internet through a proxy server,— told “Kommersant” the head chef of a Moscow restaurant 27-year-old Alexander.— My friends in Belarus — it is the middle class, which is not. Onneither say they have suffered 26 years, and in the 27th year did not survive. The overwhelming majority of Belarusians does not believe in 80% Lukashenko in the elections.Alexander draws analogies between the political situation in Belarus and Russia: “And here and there usurped power”. However, he “understands the attempts of both presidents to stay long in positions”: “They have painted themselves into a corner and, most likely, and they themselves would be happy to leave, but it’s too late to make it painless”. The chef believes that the protests in Belarus “will subside and be reduced to minor fights with the police and slogans on the Internet” because “the opposition is not enough organization and effort wisely to bring people to the streets.” While in Moscow he goes to protests a year ago, I participated in the rallies in support of unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma. “If you are strong, beat their Breasts, what are you so afraid to hold free elections?” — Alexander rhetorically appeals to the authorities of Russia and Belarus.— From the beginning I realized that Lukashenko will not give up power, not everyone can do it,— said the expert in repair of household appliances 53-year-old Sergei, who is watching developments in the neighboring country on social networks.— For fellow Belarusians are worried, but their country without Lukashenka as Russia with a different President, you’ll see only on pensions, to which, most likely, will not live.”It would be nice to have them all ended without bloodshed,”90-year-old Muscovite Lyudmila Ivanovna does not doubt that President Alexander Lukashenko voted “most Belarusians” what she learned of the news on “Radio of Russia”. “Once Svetlana Tikhanovski scored so little, it means that people don’t want”,— said the pensioner.Geologist Riesbeck said that in the 52 years long ceased to be interested in politics, but the events in Belarus recently began to follow: “it would be nice to have them all ended without bloodshed.” “When I worked in the defence Ministry and know firsthand that the state machine is a true paver, and it will grind any. You have to understand that Lukashenko, like any Soviet leader, will not give just their place,” said the geologist.29-year-old coach triathlon Anastasia told “Kommersant” that last Sunday “rooting for Svetlana Tikhanovski,” “I would on the Russian election voted for a woman, but not for Ksenia Sobchak, it would be the country I would not trust”.”The people of Belarus to properly defend their choice, but they suppress the protest— said the taxi driver, Michael.— How many people live? 10 million? When all 10 will be released, then we’ll talk”.According to 40-year-old medic Fedor Smirnov, Alexander Lukashenko after the election “will be another policy to gain support of the population.” However, he is skeptical about the rallies in Belorussia, and in Russia, as “they organized certain people in their own interest,” and therefore he did not go to them and “advises others”.— I am a law enforcement officer, and I can not only Express their opinion, but to have it— with a smile said the man in white shirt and slacks, Smoking near the metro station. But still shared his opinion.— Police in Belarus will not go on the side of the protesters because she is and so for people. Russian police is also a concern: most people support the government, and we protected it most.Maria Litvinova