Britney Starr speaks out about an interview she did 18-years ago.

The 40-year old singer posted a long message to her Instagram on Monday as she discussed her 2004 interview with Diane Sawyer. She also shared why she didn’t want to go back to touring.

“Do we dare to forget Diane Sawyer interview in our apartment nearly 20 years ago?” She wrote. “What was the deal with the ‘You are in the wrong’ approach? It’s making me cry ???”

She said, “Seriously though…” “I lived in my apartment for one year, never speaking to anyone… My manager placed that woman in my house and made me speak to her on national television. She asked if I had any shopping problems!” When did I experience a shopping problem?

Spears also spoke out about her split with Justin Timberlake and how she was “in shock” and “never spoke with anyone for a very, very long time”.

“It was something I didn’t share with my ex-husband when we split up years ago. I couldn’t talk afterwards.” She wrote that she was shocked by the three men who showed up at her door. Diane Sawyer was placed in my living room two days later. They forced me to speak!

Spears claimed she was “a baby” back then, but she now knows how to stand for herself.

“She said that ‘a woman or girl’ was the right choice. “She said ‘a woman or a girl’… Spears replied to Sawyer’s interview question. Spears replied that she didn’t have a shopping problem and could spend whatever money she liked.