“” continues the series of materials about the luxurious life of the rulers of different countries and eras, as well as members of their families. In a previous article we told you about former French President Francois Mitterrand, who was known as an inveterate ladies ‘ man. He brought two families and harassed almost every female with whom he had business, and to maintain a sexy shape eating oysters. This time we will talk about the former President of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba, who ruled the country for 42 years. He spent money from the budget of the country for a few dozen of their children, and wives and mistresses. In France he bought luxury homes and condos: only one mansion near the Champs-elysées cost him 18 million euros.

of All in daddy

“the New President of Gabon Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba in one day descended on new cars is about 15 million euros, which is about one percent of GDP that African countries”, at the disposal of the French channel France 24 has obtained documents which confirmed that three months after taking office in January 2010, the head of state has expanded its fleet of 29 expensive machines.

As it turned out, a particular weakness of the President has for British and German cars. So, one day, he bought three Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG (one of them in that time amounted to about 140 thousand euros) and two Rolls-Royce Phantom (430 thousand euros each), Rolls-Royce Ghost for 265 thousand Euro and the Bentley Mulsanne, which cost almost half a million euros. Also it took him two VIP buses, each of which cost 2.5 million euros.

In addition, your family Ondimba has bought four of the BMW, 11 models of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach 625 and Rolls-Royce Drop Head. In total the car cost him eight million euros, seven million more had to pay for the installation of additional equipment and service.

French media reported that all these purchases are made at the expense of the Gabonese taxpayers. The habit of living in a big way and thrust his hand into the public Treasury has got a new head of state from his father, former President Omar Bongo Ondimba.

of The richest African

Who came to power in 1967 Ondimba constantly been at the center of scandals, and not within the country and abroad. The Western media was writing about the fact that the Gabonese leader is suspected of corruption.

This African was considered one of the richest presidents in the world. He was called a genius corrupt: Bongo took money from the Treasury and spend it on your pleasures, leaving the budget as much as would suffice to maintain peace in the country.


All Bongo had 33 objects of real estate in France, including luxury apartments and houses in P��the s and villas in nice. The most elegant was considered a mansion worth 18 million euros near the Champs-elysées. On paper, the house has an area of two thousand square meters belonged to one of the companies in Luxembourg and its partners were considered children of the Gabonese leader, who at the time of purchase of housing was 13 and 16 years.

However, he was the owner of four houses and nine-room apartment near the arc de Triomphe, two flats near the Eiffel tower and the four villas in nice.

Only the head of state was born more than 30 children and one of them he has not left without attention. Bongo liked to do to their loved ones luxurious presents. As it turned out later, purchases were made at the expense of the Gabonese budget.

Hands into the Treasury launched and children of the head of state. So, his daughter Pascaline bought a Mercedes, the President of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti F1, and his son Ali with the money acquired a Ferrari 456 M GT. His 44-year-old wife of the President presented the Maybach sky-blue color for 350 thousand pounds.

the “I’m not a prostitute, I miss Peru!”

Bongo never hid the irresistible thrust towards the female sex. First time he married a 15-year-old Marie Josephine Kama. He was jealous of her to all. There were rumors that once the first lady only to bestow a smile of any man in a few days he was found dead or not found at all.

The President himself while loyalty did not differ. He passionately loved equally by both black and white women, regardless of their status, social standing or profession.

“You will supply me of prostitutes from Paris, and I’ll help you with the tailoring, every year, I give you for 600 thousand dollars, okay?” the President has concluded a deal with the Italian designer Francesco Smalto, which worked for him for many years.

Francis Apesteguy / Getty Images

Marie Josephine Ondimba divorced in 1986, spouses, former spouses managed to keep a great relationship. The woman was one of the most popular African singers, speaking under the pseudonym of Solitaire Dabani. They say that some songs he writes for her son, the current President Ali Ben Bongo.

The second time Ondimba married four years later on the beloved, who was 29 years younger than him. In the President’s inner circle told me that have never seen a more loving couple. This, however, did not prevent the President to have Affairs on the side.

Once loving Africans almost led to an international scandal. In 2003, Libreville hosted the beauty contest “Miss humanity”. Once it ended, the government of Peru had expressed the Gabon official protest: it was the fact that 22-year-old Peruvian beauty Queen Yvette Santa Maria was invited to the presidential Palace for a meeting with the African leader.

She was able to return to the hotel, however, was�� to go to bed with the President it 12 days not allowed out of the room. To leave the country, she managed only once intervened in the case, Interpol and European public organizations. In Gabon, all charges were dismissed, calling it the enemy.

the Cult of personality in the Gabonese

In the country generally belonged to Bongo with trepidation. When he died of cancer in one of the Spanish clinics in the African nation was not a single person who had the courage to report his passing. Initially the news gave the French media, citing a source in the Elysee Palace. In Gabon denied this information and gave the French Ambassador a note of protest.

Sunday Alamba / AP

On the death of the ruler became known only after the representatives of the Gabonese opposition in France, decided to personally go to the hospital to find out what actually happened with the head of state.

The entire month in the country lasted the mourning for the deceased leader. For five days the coffin of the Bongo, brought from Spain, stood in the marble hall of the presidential Palace. The red path leading to the tomb of the former President, was strewn with petals of white roses, specially imported from France. Bongo was buried with military honors at the funeral ceremony came 40 heads of state. The new President was the son Ondimba Ali.

Ali was also married twice. His first wife Sylvia was known as a true fashionista not only in Gabon, but also beyond. Fragile brown-haired with milky skin is one of the most stylish and beautiful women in the country. Originally a prejudiced attitude to the fact that the first lady against tradition has become a white-skinned woman, but over time, the Gabonese loved her.

Sylvia most of my life lived in Africa, but dressed with the typical Parisian chic. The first lady chooses outfits exclusively Haute couture in her wardrobe, completely from Chanel suits and tailored dresses Valentino.

In the African country is allowed to have several wives, so Ali got married for the second time. Inge Lynn Collins he met in California. Said that the family always had rows, it came to blows. Subsequently, the American was told that she was kept locked up and brutally beaten. She filed for divorce in 2015. If with the first wife Sylvia, the President of Gabon and to this day wallowing in luxury, his second wife, according to media reports, have lost their material support of the former husband and is living on state benefits.