Recently, the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health issued the first Russian license for the production of biomedical cell products. She became the owner of a domestic biotechnology company “Generium”. This will make a significant breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine.Regenerative medicine is one of the most rapidly growing industries. Its main task is to replace and restore the function of diseased organs or tissues in cases when the natural regenerative capacity of the organism is not able to ensure the restoration and healing of the defect.Methods of regenerative medicine directed on treatment of severe socially significant diseases with high levels of disability, as well as to fill therapeutic niches with high unmet needs.”Cellular technology is the most advanced tool of personalized medicine. The presence of a unique infrastructure of Russian biotechnological enterprises making them the center of attraction for the representatives of international pharmaceutical industry and scientists from various fields of science (medics, biologists, physicists, engineers, chemists, IT specialists, mathematicians), and also allows to solve the most challenging public tasks in the field of health. Industrial tissue engineering becomes a reality,” — said the first Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsyb.The main segments of the market for regenerative medicine products are tissue therapy and cell therapy — biomedical cellular products, which is a cultured human cells. These lines are a driver in research activities of Russian and foreign research centers, which brings together scientists and clinicians around the world.Under the current license it is planned to develop and produce a unique range of autologous, allogeneic and combined BMK, and personalized therapy and diagnostics. “Regenerative medicine is not a new technology in medicine and the other medicine. Developing methods for the modification of the cells and edit their genome. There is the prospect of a new therapy, which will focus not only on the regulation of living cells, but also to grow new cells, tissues, structures in our body. With the advent of the first industrial license we understand that regenerative medicine has the potential to become a new efficient branch of the Russian medicine for the treatment of the most severe human diseases incurable by other means”, — concluded the Dean of the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University. Lomonosov, academician of RAS All��Lod Tkachuk.”The world of biotechnology in the field of regenerative medicine are at the stage of explosive growth and investment. A person’s ability to manage intra – and extracellular processes helps us to create technologies to solve the most difficult tasks in the treatment of patients with serious illnesses or injuries. The country’s first license for industrial production of biomedical cell products gives Russia the opportunity to implement a number of sophisticated cutting edge projects, including to combat coronavirus infection. The country began the era of cellular technologies,” said Professor, General Director of JSC “GENERIUM” Dmitry Kudlay.