Minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Radoncic denied entry to Russian military, which for the disinfection of Mostar invited the government of the Republic. The foreign Ministry in response to a note to the Russian Embassy reported that the issue of the permit was forwarded to the Bureau.

Earlier, the defense Ministry announced that the Russian military experts, who now assist in the fight against coronavirus in Serbia, will deploy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

it was Planned that on may 1, a column consisting of 5 units of special military equipment (water dispensing stations ARS-14KM mobile spray disinfection complex — approx., the two medical-nursing teams and four calculations of divisions of troops NBC protection total number of 25 people to March from Belgrade to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Russian Soldiers had previously provided assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 9 to 23 April disinfecting various objects in the country.

According to the Institute Johns Hopkins, in Bosnia and Herzegovina coronavirus infected 1781 people, killing 70.