People huddle Friday together Bolsonaro, whose popularity has dived after the rejection of the coronavirussets earnest.

Brazil is the only south american country passed the 1000 coronarelaterede deaths.

Meanwhile, the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, on Friday, on the streets and rejected on new the need to keep the distance.

A crowd of men so together Bolsonaro in the capital Brasília, and the president welcomed his support.

Bolsonaro, who is 65 years old and former captain in the army, has repeatedly rejected the need for isolation and the closure of the societal functions.

He has, among other things, called coronaviruses, and Covid-19 for a “small cold” and think that they are going unnecessarily out of the economy and is prone to “hysteria”.

Several of the actions have been decided on the state government. But some of them take also the point of departure in the recommendations from the Bolsonaros own professionals in the field of health.

Under the coronaviruskrisen is the president’s popularity has declined.

More brazilians are upset over his positions to the virus.

On the streets of Brasília on Friday, the president was both greeted by happy supporters, who chanted his name, and critics, who beat on pots and pans to mark their anger.

The predominantly catholic Brazil marked, like much of the rest of the world, good Friday, and hence, there was a national holiday.

On the day visited Bolsonaro a military hospital, a pharmacy and one of his sons, who live in an apartment complex.

In Brazil, there are almost 20,000 confirmed Covid-19-sick and 1056 deaths.

With a population of over 200 million people is relatively few compared with, for example, Italy, Spain and also the UNITED states.

But the health authorities are worried about an increase and estimated that the epidemic first will peak at the end of april.

in Addition, there is particular concern for the spread of virus in the favelaer, as the slums in Brazil are called, as well as among indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

at the same time, shall notify the neighbouring country of Argentina, that it will extend the closure of a number of features to 27. april, however, only in big cities, which, among others, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Cordoba.

The nationwide action was the first time announced 20. march.

Argentina has almost 2000 confirmed cases of infection and 82 coronarelaterede deaths.