the Airline, Boeing resumed production of the aircraft model 737 MAX at a plant in Renton (Washington), stated in a report published on its website a statement. The company stopped producing them in January 2020, after two disasters in Indonesia and Ethiopia involving aircraft of this model.

the statement said that while the small production volumes, as the company implemented more than a dozen initiatives to support safety in the workplace and preserve the quality of the products. Boeing promises that this year will gradually increase production of the 737 MAX.

After two plane crashes in the operation of aircraft of this model was suspended. One of them occurred in October 2018, then the Boeing 737 MAX crashed in Indonesia, 189 people died. Another disaster happened in March 2019, the plane crashed in Ethiopia, 157 people were killed.

the Boeing acknowledged that the cause of both incidents was a failure in the system MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System). It automatically corrects the position of the aircraft in the air. The New York Times wrote that the experts of the Federal aviation administration has not conducted independent tests MCAS in the process of certification and do not fully understand how the system works.

In March last year, Boeing announced the software update MCAS, which “took hundreds of hours of analysis, laboratory testing, inspection of the simulator and two test flight”, including observers from the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA). In November 2019, the airline planned that commercial flights of the airliner to resume in January next year.

However in the month, Boeing said it discovered a new vulnerability in the software model 737 MAX. One of them was associated with the correct operation of some system monitors.

In late January, pilots reported that the credibility of the safety standards of Boeing fell to a “record low”. due problems with the 737 MAX airline for the first time since 1997, lost a record $636 million.