He said that polyclinics are city equipped automatic blood analyzers. Each of them opened two treatment rooms. As told “RG” the press service of the Deputy mayor for social Affairs Anastasia Rakova, testing will help to figure out whether the ill person is already coronavirus infection if antibodies to it, or maybe, on the contrary, the disease he is only in the initial stage and in need of medical assistance. All of this information entered in an electronic map of Moscow, which will help doctors better understand any changes in his health.

the mayor says that the new screening program is designed to examine the maximum number of residents. So every few days another 70 thousand citizens will receive an invitation to the testing. They will only have to enroll online by clicking on this in the SMS link. On a conference call of the working group of the state Council on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection, which mayor Sergei Sobyanin held Thursday with city clinical Committee COVID-19, he said that this program will help the city to reach the next level of quality and quantity testing. Moscow already now can hold up to 100 thousand per day tests for detection of antibodies. “Of course, this still requires a lot of work, but the technical possibilities today is, – the mayor noted. – In future we will have the opportunity to increase to 200 thousand tests a day.”

He recalled that Moscow is already a leader among world cities for testing. The mass introduction of ELISA diagnostics displays the capital as the absolute leader in this matter. Moreover, a certain amount of testing Moscow is ready to provide the residents of the Moscow region.

and Speaking of the significance of the new test, the mayor stressed that it is significantly wider than the purely medical importance: “This is crucial information which is essential not only for timely treatment of people, but also to determine the tactics and strategy of the entire medical system of the city. They need to adequately make decisions in the restrictive measures with the work of industry, construction, science, trade, sphere of services and so forth.” And in his blog wrote: “Decisions about the imposition or lifting of restrictions related to the pandemic coronavirus – the most difficult that I have to take in my entire life. The price of these solutions is the lives and health of people.” And, referring to the Muscovites, will conclude: “I Ask you, dear friends, the most responsible attitude to invitations to come to the clinic and undergo the ELISA test. Thus you will contribute to the approximation of the victory over coronavirus”.