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– I’m a black man in America. If I go into a store with a mask I can be killed, writes Aaron Thomas in an article in the Boston Globe.

Thomas, who lives in Columbus in the state of Ohio, writes that he after that maskerådet was known, thought through how he was going to conduct matinnkjøpene on Saturday.

I will be in live, but I will also be in live, writes Aaron Thomas on Twitter to show off the two threats have the opinion he is facing.

Photo: Twitter

He writes that he considered using a muffler as a mask, but his inner voice warned him.

– I trust the Cdc advice. But my fear of being taken for an armed rob is bigger than my fear of covid-19, writes Thomas.

Now he has decided not to go with the mask before it is possible to purchase a medical face mask that can not provide the error signals.

– Asks the people look dangerous out

Professor Trevor Logan at the Ohio State University.

Photo: Ohio State University

He will have the support of økonomiprofessor Trevor Logan at the Ohio State University.

– We have many examples where black men are generally thought of as criminals. And then we get advice whether to go on the streets with anything that can be perceived as criminal or evil, especially when it comes to black men, ” says Trevor Logan to CNN.

He says that the council about to use the mask seems reasonable as long as you don’t think about how american society is.

– Given the racial stereotypene that is out there, ask you in the ground people to see the dangerous, ” says Logan.

American health officials demonstrates homemade face mask, You need javascript to see the video. The Video that showed how to make the mask

It was Friday, the council came from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people use a scarf or other simple surgical masks as they possibly can make at home.

They said at the same time that surgical masks or medical face mask should be reserved for medical professionals.

Before the weekend published CDC a video that showed how to do about a muffler, a scarf or a T-shirt to a face mask.

the Man who demonstrated the maskebruken was the United states director Jerome Adams, who is black.

in Many places in the united STATES, like here in Los Angeles 30. march, is the masks that sold colorful, but can also be perceived as threatening.

Photo: MARIO TAMA / MARIO TAMA, One of the thousands being killed by police

a few years ago there was a lot of attention around that black was shot in the united STATES. Among other things, resulted in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York city in 2014 to much debate.

Although a number of studies show that black boys and men have a far greater risk for a white to be killed by the police, debate has disappeared the last few years,

A study from 2019 shows that black men have a risk of 1 in 1,000 of being killed by the police in the course of his life. The corresponding figure for white men is 0.39 of 1000.

Washington Post overview of the persons killed by the police shows that 1004 people were shot and killed by police in the last year.

Of the people you know the ethnic background, were 46 percent white and 29 percent black. It despite the fact that blacks only constitute about 12 percent of the Us population.

Believes that blacks are suffering more

Andrea Young is the leader of the Borgerrettsorganisasjonen ACLU in the state of Georgia.

She says that the Cdc maskeråd is “more a case of racial its insensitivity that permeates the answer to this epidemic”.

She says that neither the federal government or the state of Georgia takes into account inequalities in access to health care and the internet, or the ability to work from home,

Black americans suffer reaction a lot during this pandemic, ” says Young.

A black koronapasient be rolled Tuesday into at Maimonides Medical Center in New York city. Also in the big city, it appears that blacks are particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

Photo: SPENCER PLATT / SPENCER PLATT Has hit blacks hard

A number of figures show that blacks in the united STATES are hit especially hard by the koronapandemien, writes the BBC.

In Chicago is 72 per cent of those who have died of covid-19 black, despite the fact that only 30 percent of the citizens in Chicago are black. In the state of Michigan is 41 per cent of those who have died of covid-19 black, despite the fact that only 14 per cent of the residents in Michigan are black. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin is 81 per cent of those who have died of covid-19 black, despite the fact that only 26 per cent of residents in Milwaukee are black.

News agency AP writes that health experts in Chicago say that the citizens in black neighborhoods for years have had poorer access to health care, more poverty and jobs where it is not possible with hjemmekontior.

In addition, there is a higher proportion with diabetes and heart problems in the black population.

Pastor Marshall Hatch in a baptist church in Chicago, says that in the course of a week he has lost a sister, a lifelong friend and a member of the ward to the virus.

Poverty is not about quality of life. It is literally a matter of life and death, ” says Hatch to the AP.

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