in it, she also treats the topic of Aging, love, and your first wedding. Because Birgit Schrowange want to marry for the first Time in her life. Already three Times they got in the past, a marriage proposal, three Times she refused him. With your current Partner Frank spot helper (54) is in a relationship since 2017 and April 2019, the romantic marriage proposal – you didn’t refuse this time, followed.

source: wedding is postponed

“Corona has made us a line through the bill,” reports Schrowange compared to the “image”-newspaper. “We need to postpone the wedding so for the first time. But don’t worry – sometime in front of my 65. Birthday, I’m still under the hood.“


In Frank’s spot assistants she has finally found the Right one, perhaps also due to the fact that he is a few years younger than the presenter. Because Birgit has her own theory: “men sooner limp. That is a fact. It is scientifically proven that men die seven years earlier than women. Therefore, I advise every woman: A five-to-ten years younger man is not wrong.“

in General, the 61-year-old no Problem with the has become Older, gray hair and first wrinkles are part of the game. She explains: “I do not need to look with 60 like a 40-Year-old and can still look great. Madonna and I are a Year. I think I look better!“

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