Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned Bill Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault and released him from prison on Wednesday. This remarkable turn of fortune was a major victory for the comedian, once called “America’s Dad.” The court found that Cosby’s predecessor had not charged him.

After serving almost three years for drugging and violating Temple University’s sports administrator Andrea Constand, Cosby, now 83, flashed his V-for Victory sign to the helicopter as he made his way into his suburban Philadelphia home.

The ex-Cosby Show star, who was the first celebrity to be tried and convicted under #MeToo, didn’t comment upon his arrival. He smiled and nodded at a news conference outside where Jennifer Bonjean, his lawyer, said that they were “excited to have Mr. Cosby back.”

She added, “He served three consecutive years of an unjust sentence. He did it with dignity & principle.”

Constand and her attorneys called the ruling disappointing and expressed concern that it might discourage victims of sexual assault from speaking out. They added that they urged all victims to speak out.

Cosby was taken into custody in 2015. A district attorney, armed with new evidence — Constand’s comic’s damaging deposition in a lawsuit — filed charges against him days before the 12-year statute expired.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Kevin Steele, the District Attorney who decided to arrest Cosby was bound to honor his predecessor’s promise to not charge him, even though there is no evidence to support that agreement.

Justice David Wecht, who wrote for a split court, stated that Cosby relied on the decision of the previous district attorney not to charge him when he gave his potentially incriminating testimony during Constand’s civil case.

Cosby’s arrest was called “an affront against fundamental fairness especially when it results in a penal prosecution that is forgone for more than a ten year.” The court said justice and fair play and decency require that the office of the district attorney stand by the decision made by the previous DA.

According to the justices, overturning convictions and preventing further prosecutions “is the only way to meet society’s reasonable expectations regarding its elected prosecutors” and the criminal justice system.

Cosby was quickly released from the state prison in suburban Montgomery County, and taken home.

Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for Cosby, stated that “What we saw today” was justice, justice to all Americans. “Mr. “Mr.

Bonjean stated that Cosby was “extremely glad to be home” but also “looks forward ” to reuniting his family with his wife and children.

Later, he tweeted an image of himself with his fist raised in the air and his eyes closed. The caption was: “I have not changed my stance or my story.” I have always maintained innocence. I am grateful to my supporters, friends and fans who supported me throughout this difficult time. A special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which upheld the law.