the Program displays traditionally includes two blocks: “Premiere” – collections of Russian cartoon, made over the past year, and “Winners” – collections of foreign films-winners of international festivals and awards. Also, viewers will see several new feature-length cartoons, collections of Russian and foreign short films for children, a program of documentary and animation films of students of the British national film and television school (NFTS) and the Estonian Academy of arts (ESA).

At the festival organized system of audience voting for their favourite films.

in Addition to screenings, the event will be held the project “the cartoon Factory”. It includes lectures and master-classes. Among the practical lessons – the basics of hand drawn animation, creating characters out of paper, loose animation, modeling, sound.

In the section “Music in animation” will be shown cartoons from the series “tales of the old piano”. This is a transnational project of 13 cartoons, which was attended by representatives of different countries. The Film “Tchaikovsky. Elegy” was filmed in England. Episode of Mozart was created in the United States. Musical biography of Schumann, Bach, Prokofiev and Chopin were created by Directors from Belarus. Movies about Rossini, Vivaldi and Debussy trained in Russia.

“Tales of the old piano” – an educational project that acquaints the younger generation with the great composers. Author, screenwriter and Director, Irina Margolina, co-writer Elena Dolinskaya, Directors Oksana Cherkasova, Elena Petkevich, Irina Kodukova were nominated for the Union state award in literature and art for the year 2020.

the Cartoons were created by Studio M. I. R. together with the “Belarusfilm” for several years and during this time repeatedly marked by prestigious international awards. “Tales of the old piano. Ludwig van Beethoven” won the first prize at the festival of Cinanima in Portugal in 2007 for best television series, the Grand Prix in 2008 in Trebon in the Czech Republic in the same category, at the international festival in Hiroshima in Japan in 2008 “Antonio Vivaldi” was shown among the “world’s Best” (“Best in the World”).

Author Irina Margolina was born in the tiny town of Roslavl, near the border with Belarus, her father is from Minsk.

– We would be glad if the cartoons were shown in schools, in museums, – says Irina Margolina. Because the Louvre was showing our series of children. The film about Beethoven is made in the sand, the history of Vivaldi – painting on foil in the cartoon about the Schumann computer graphics were used. Voiced cartoons Yevgeny Mironov, Boris Plotnikov, Igor Kostolevsky, Timothy Dalton.

Big cartoon festival is one of the largest annual animation shows of the country. In different years the festival was held in Moscow, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk, Norilsk, Tolyatti, Lipetsk, and in July 2020 will be held in online format.