Former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden, which has enlisted enough support from delegates for the upcoming Democratic Convention for the nomination of a candidate for the presidential election in November, won the primary elections (primaries) in Association with the United States island nation of Puerto Rico. This was reported in the Sunday newspaper The New York Times.

As the paper emphasizes, the former Vice President’s support 67.8% of voting residents of Puerto Rico. The Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who, on 8 April, withdrew from the race, gets the votes 13.5% of voters.

Processing of ballots is not yet complete. According to the results of the primary election in Puerto Rico will be distributed to 51 votes delegates, who, on coming in August, the democratic national Convention will support one or another candidate for nomination as a candidate for U.S. President from the party. Originally, primaries in Association with the United States island nation was to be held on April 28, but was postponed to a later date due to pandemic disease caused by a novel coronavirus.

Biden, according to the latest estimates by The New York Times, enlisted the support 2 615 delegates. To become a candidate on the first ballot at the democratic Convention, candidates have to get votes 1 991 delegate. Biden has overcome this mark on 5 June. National Convention of the US Democratic party, which Biden needs to call the candidate for the highest office in the country, was postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus on 17-20 August. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

The current U.S. leader Donald trump already have a sufficient number of votes of the delegates to the party Congress for the nomination of the Republican candidate in the presidential election. 59th U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November 3.