Moscow calls on relevant international institutions to respond to the frequent cases of unjustified brutality from American police officers against members of the media covering protests in the United States, including the Russian journalist Mikhail Turgiev. This is stated in a statement on Sunday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry.

"Concerned about the increasing incidence of police violence and arbitrary arrests against journalists during their coverage of the outbreak after the assassination of George Floyd of protests in the US, the Ministry said. – Unacceptable use by employees of the us law enforcement non-lethal weapons, including rubber bullets and tear of aerosols against media representatives upon presentation of their press card. In particular, we regard as a manifestation of unwarranted violence targeted spraying by police of Minneapolis pepper spray in the face of the correspondent of RIA "news" Michael Turgiev, despite identifying it as a journalist".

On Smolensk square recalled to the US authorities about their international obligations to ensure the safe and unhindered activities of journalists and freedom of expression and equal access to information for all.

"we Believe that the us competent authorities will conduct a thorough investigation of the incidents, – stressed the foreign Ministry. – Urge the relevant international institutions and human rights NGOs to properly respond to this outrage".

Police in the US to attack journalists with tear spray

In Minnesota and some other States this week began with mass protests and unrest after posting online videos of the arrest on may 25 in Minneapolis to George Floyd, a suspect in use of counterfeit currency. White police put the black handcuffs and threw him on the road. One of them pushed the detainee with his knee on his neck, ignoring the cries of Floyd that he can’t breathe. Soon African American died at a hospital in the city. On may 26, all four law enforcement officers fired, one of them taken into custody and charged with manslaughter.