The danger is that it could come in the fight against the Coronavirus to a setback, should not be underestimated, according to the Federal councillor Alain Berset (48). The Swiss would have to stay disciplined, especially about Easter, he urges us.

“Otherwise, the infections will rise again. There is no shortcut. We have to go all the way,” says Berset in an Interview with the publications of the media group CH Media.

Berset went to the international controversial question of whether a mask is mandatory to prevent infection with the Coronavirus useful or not. Of course, everyone should wear a mask if he wanted to.

Tremendous progress in the

In the current Phase, to bring healthy people do not to wear a mask. But the scientific knowledge about the Virus made tremendous progress. This also has an impact on the question of whether and when the masks could be useful.

“I can’t close, that we recommend with the easing in certain situations, a mask,” says Berset. The Bundesrat, at Easter and in the coming days, a possible easing plan, the protective measures built-in.

Tests on immunity

With a view to the future, the testing of the immunity of persons was important. Serological Tests were necessary to know how strong the Swiss population was immunized. Currently there is about 24’000 individuals tested positive.

Indeed, the number of people who had the Virus was, however, significantly higher. An international study treasures on 200’000 to 250’000. “We can now brake the spread of the Virus and, later, to prevent the individual diseases lead to further infection,” says the Federal Council.

Until there is a vaccine that will not disappear with the disease. According to current knowledge, spread the word until about two-thirds of the population is immune. The were in Switzerland, around 6 million people. Of which Switzerland is still far away.

In an Interview with a VIEW of Karin Keller-Sutter (56) talks about how you deal personally with the huge responsibility, the currently on you, as a Federal councillor charged with – and what Lessons everyone should learn from this crisis. “We make what we believe to the best of our Knowledge and belief, correct.” (SDA/uro)