Germany is looking at bringing in the UN over Washington’s threats of sanctions against the Russian-led pipeline, saying the US pressure runs contrary to international law.

Klaus Ernst, the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy, signaled during an interview with RT Deutsch that it is unacceptable when one country, for example, the United States, prescribes to another sovereign country or the European Union how to resolve the issue of its own energy supply.

The politician said that this “is contrary to any reasonable relationship.” He added that if sanctions were imposed by the United States, it would be a violation of international law.

It is a violation [of the international law] to threaten the country’s sovereignty using extraterritorial sanctions. After all these sanctions do not apply to the United States, they concern the European Union.

Ernst said that the draconian sanctions, that would affect every company contributing to, or involved in, building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, are an affront to the sovereignty of the EU as a whole – which will draw a response from Brussels. Germany, on its part, does not sit idly.

“The next measure, which we are also discussing, is about raising this issue at the UN level,” Ernst revealed. Other options include “lodging complaints with the relevant [international] courts,” the MP told, adding, “we’ll see what they decide.”