Online cinema please bring them tax benefits for example IT companies. These proposals following consultation with the video Association of lawyers of Russia has sent to the government. Benefits will help the viewing platforms to offer competitive salaries to programmers, who account for up to half of the state, they say.Online movie theaters offer to bring them a preferential tax regime by analogy with the IT industry, according to the conclusion of the Commission of the Moscow branch of Association of lawyers of Russia (AYUR), prepared together with market participants, relevant organizations and experts. 7 Jul document with a copy which he examined, “b”, was sent to the government, the Ministry of communications, Roskomnadzor, the Federal tax service, Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) and the state Duma. In a press-service of the government “does not comment on official correspondence”, in the Ministry of communications and Roskomnadzor have not yet seen the conclusion, FAS is studying the proceedings of the Commission, reported in its press-service.Benefits for the IT industry, proposed by President Vladimir Putin, include the indefinite contribution rate reduction from 14% to 7.6% and profit tax from 20% to 3% (see page 8). For their compensation, the Ministry of communications has proposed the refund of VAT on sale of software that in 2021 should bring in the budget of 42.5 billion rubles. According to the authors conclusions, the recipients of such benefits may be and Russian video services that meet a certain criteria, for example, if more than 50% of their audience is located in Russia. In addition, not fully settled the question of the taxation of foreign online cinemas, which creates unequal conditions specified in the Commission’s opinion. Its Chairman Alexander Zhuravlev proposes to require foreign video platforms to open up in Russia representative offices or work together with the Russian partner.The market for online movie theaters in 2019 increased by 50%, revenue of participants has increased to 17.1 billion rubles, analysts estimated “TMT Consulting.” TelecomDaily in terms of YouTube in Russia was estimated this market at 26.4 billion rubles, and by the end of this year, forecasts growth of up to 30 billion rubles. the state of online cinema ivi about 50% of programmers and developers, tvzavr — about a third say in their press services. This is not IT-business in its pure form, but not pure content producers, which the state supports, says the General Director of Association “Internet video” Alex Bardin: “All support goes past us.”According to him, reduction of insurance payments would allow the video to offer a competitive salary along with many IT companies, enjoying the benefits. In fact, audio-visual services is IT-company, insists CEO Megogo in Russia Viktor Chekanov.A leading analyst of the Russian Association for electronic communications Karen Ghazarian believes that tax incentives should be extended to all companies providing electronic services. Based on the number of programmers in Russia, lower premiums for everyone would lead to a shortfall of only 5 billion rubles to the budget in a month, he estimates. Thus, if the shortfall in budget funds will be spent on higher salaries, they will still generate a tax base, adds the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.Deputy Director General of ivi for legal Affairs Mikhail Platov supports the idea of regulation for foreign video services to “protect the national market from expansion of” global platforms and focus on further development of national players. To require foreign companies to have offices in Russia, of course, possible, says Mr. Kazarian, but then you must grant them additional rights, to motivate them.Dmitry Shestoperov