residents of the United States began to pick up animals from shelters after the imposition of quarantine in the country. In the end, the shelters are almost empty. Recently, however, Pets have to go back there again — many owners died of coronavirus. At the epicenter of the outbreak — new York — employees of the center for the care of animals rescued at least two dozen animals from the deserted apartments, the situation is similar in California, CNN reports.

Many animals can’t attach to friends or relatives they do not want to adopt Pets for all. “The saddest thing that is happening right now is that many of the friends do not have support from friends or relatives,” said Tiffany Lacey, Executive Director of Animal Haven, a new York company to rescue the animals.

According to her, in one of new York apartments after the death of the resident and her brother because COVID-19 of their elderly mother, which also identified the virus, was forced to be alone with a 16 Chihuahua. Volunteers took most of the dogs from the house of the pensioner and placed them into quarantine.

Lacey added that information about many hosts and cannot restore. To avoid unforeseen circumstances related to the spread of coronavirus, the Director of the organization advised all pet owners to make a list of people who will be able to take a pet and for a long time to stock up on food for him.

According to the latest data, the U.S. was 1.3 million cases of infection with coronavirus. 82 thousands of people with this diagnosis died, while 230 thousand recovered and was discharged from the hospital.