the Monument, created on means of local patrons and members of the expedition, was installed at the lighthouse in the Bay Narrow. The memorial consists of two leaning on each other raised from the seabed anchors, between which the bell with the names of all the dead submariners.

In the latest attack, the sailors came out on 17 February 1944. They tried to torpedo a convoy of two transports and a couple of patrol boats, but failed. 47 sailors “Sch-216” for military merit presented posthumously to the order of the Patriotic war.

In 2013, specialized vessels of the black sea fleet has identified the location and conducted a technical survey “Sch-216” at the bottom of Cape Tarkhankut. Found out that the boat lies at a depth of 54 meters, with a roll of 12 degrees to starboard, her body is 80 percent covered with fishing nets. “U-216” has a significant damage in the area of the first and second compartments, and pilothouse to the bow dipped to the gun. On this basis, the experts came to the conclusion that the submarine attacked the enemy ships with the use of depth charges. She received battle damage in the area of the first two compartments, causing the depressurization of the hull, and the boat rapidly began to sink, hitting his nose on the bottom.

the Area around the memorial landscape around the anchors lay paving granite tile.

– Sorry, I do not have time to may 9 to finish the whole composition, as provided by the project, – said the participant of the Russian underwater research expedition the novel Dunaev. But as soon as the withdrawal, we will finish!

In turn, the authorities of the black sea region are going to seize the initiative and create a memorable sign near the memorial to all the victims in different eras of the defenders of the Crimea. It was here, on the coast of the Bay is Narrow (in the eighteenth century AK-Mechetskaya) in the old pier, the remains of the redoubt, was built probably in 1787. According to one version, commander Alexander Suvorov, whose headquarters was located in Yevpatoriya, was personally chosen this spot to strengthen and even produced drawings of the redoubt. To our days it was only part of the old stone masonry.

Alexei Mikhailovsky, head of the administration of the black sea area:

– Participate in this project and as head of the administration, and as a caring person. Around with established anchors are planning to create a memorial complex, which will be completed in 2021. This year after the installation of the anchors and the ship’s bell around them will zamastil 17-meters in diameter with the designation of the parties of light. In the future, the memorial will be dedicated not only to fallen sailors “Sch-216”, but the heroes of different epochs since the time of Suvorov, Russo-Turkish wars of the XVIII century, the defense of Sevastopol in 1855-1856 years before the great Patriotic war. And it�� place plan to all the historical and commemorative events associated with the Victory Day. The construction of the memorial will be financed from the local budget, the design work is allocated 900 thousand rubles.