In Moscow began a new round of applications for subsidies and grants to small and medium businesses. Entrepreneurs can apply for subsidies for exporters, hotels, on compensation commissions online services food delivery and marketplaces, as well as other kinds of support.

to Qualify for financial support from the city in the new stage will be able capital by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sell excisable goods. The corresponding decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 915 was adopted on June 24. Moreover, now the application will be able to submit those who were previously excluded from the register of SMEs due to the refusal of reporting to the IRS. Until June 30, these companies had the opportunity to regain its status as a small or medium enterprise.

Already approved by the 380 applications for subsidies and grants to small and medium-sized businesses, filed for the first stage of the bidding campaign, totaling 562,06 million rubles.

the new phase will be taken documents. Among them:

the grant.

— subsidiarization for the partial reimbursement of the fee charged by the online platform for the promotion of products. With this kind of support possible to return up to 700 thousand rubles;

the subsidy is granted on the same terms and has the same maximum size as payment for promotion of products on web sites;

the grant.

— the subsidy has similar benefits for the hotel industry in terms of calculation and limit of;

the grant.

— aid for international;

— the total subsidy to the company;

— subsidiarist take advantage of companies operating under contracts of commercial concession or sub-concession, license or sublicense agreements. To compensate in this way can the cost of leasing or the purchase of equipment, payment of interest on the loan for the support and development of franchisees, as well as remuneration to the rightholder. The limit for this type of payments is one million rubles;

the grant placed at its site services for businesses, provides for the reimbursement of the costs of its establishment and equipping of, the acquisition and installation of equipment, payment of public utilities, provision of subsidized jobs for small and medium businesses.

Learn about the conditions and list of required documents for subsidies, and you can place your order on a special website of the government of Moscow for the capital’s entrepreneurs

to Obtain information about financial assistance for small and medium business of Moscow by phone single line support on issues of subsidies: call center is open from 09:00 to 18:00 (Monday — Friday).

Operational information on measures to support business and regulatory changes is also published in the newly created city Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of telegram channel (@subsidii_msk) “Subsidies to the Moscow businessmen”.