After the toilet paper seems to be yeast to be become a popular product for hamster purchases, in most of the super markets it is sold out since days.

Why yeast? In times of Coronavirus a lot of people seem to have – unfounded – fear of insufficient food supply and reflect on the ancient Tradition of baking bread – you need yeast as a fermenting and leavening.

Who does not want to do without, in spite of empty supermarket shelves on homemade bread or the yeast plait for the upcoming Easter holidays, you can use two easy recipes to yeast itself.

such As yeast is?

yeast is composed of fungi, which multiply in the dough and let rise. A distinction between fresh yeast and dry yeast.

While fresh yeast has a water content of about 70 percent, is dry, deprived of yeast in this water.

dry yeast is more durable and is usually found in any supermarket in the baking ingredients – if it was not weggehamstert just.

Fresh yeast is in the supermarket in the refrigerated counter, currently, the subject is constantly empty. You can apply them yourself.

yeast, dry fruit, even

make Wild yeast can be in many Places in nature, find.

“you can be harvested, for example, of raisins,” says Bernd Kütscher, head of the Academy of German bakers in Weinheim to the dpa.

in addition to raisins you can use but, for example, dates, to make yeast even.

1. Recipe

  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ungeschwefelte raisins, or dates,
  • 500 ml of lukewarm water

In a sealable vessel, first the sugar in the water to dissolve.

Then the dried fruit add the Whole cover with a cloth and left for a week in a warm, but shady place let it stand.

Since through the fermentation process, gases to form, may not be the vessel completely closed. Otherwise, the danger is that the pressure is too large, and it comes to the Explosion.

Only in the morning and in the evening, the vessel should be tightly closed, the mixture to shake.

After about a week, the yeast water is ready – recognisable by the slightly fermented smell. The fruits can then be removed and the fresh yeast is used.

yeast from beer manufacture

beer yeast brewing is an essential part of the beer. However, the process can also be reversed and the yeast from the beer in the back.

The great advantage compared to the recipe of dry fruit is the speed.

the driving force of beer is the yeast a bit weaker and you have to bring a little more patience, let Go of the dough.

2. Recipe

  • 100 ml of beer
  • 10 g flour
  • 5 g of sugar

The beer with the flour and sugar mix. In a glass decant, cover and let stand overnight.

the next day, the yeast can be used. The mixture prior to use again by stirring.

The quantity is enough for baking projects with up to 500 grams of flour, the beer smell dissipates during the baking.


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